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Administration of Staff Affairs

Terms of Administration of Staff Affairs

Terms of reference of the assignment of lecturers:

* Assigning lecturers to university faculties and institutes.
* Appointment of assistant teachers in faculties and institutes of the university.
* Appointment of faculty assistants through judicial decisions (Dispute Settlement Committee - Court).
* Adjustment of the salary of the two assistants after the year of excellence - obtaining a master's degree.
* Advertising of the posts of assistants and assistant teachers.
* Transfer faculty assistants from and to (inside and outside) the university.
* Transfer of assistants or assistant teachers into administrative positions.
* Termination of the faculty assistants (assistants - assistant teachers).

* Appointment of faculty staff in faculties and institutes of the university.
* Granting the scientific title to faculty members until they are appointed to the faculties and institutes of the university.
* Appointment of those who have previously been awarded the scientific title of faculty members.
* Implement the decisions of scientific committees not to upgrade.
* Transfer of faculty members (to and from inside and outside the university).
* Appointment of foreign faculty members to teach in faculties of arts, languages ​​and education.
* Appointment of Associate and Associate Consultant and Consultant.
* Appointing university leaders (university president, university vice presidents, deans of faculties, faculty agents, department heads).
* Advertising vacancies for faculty members.
* Termination of service / work of the faculty members (pension, death, resignation, dismissal).
* Appointment of faculty members as full-time after their retirement.

* Grant / extension / termination of leave (private - accompanying husband / wife - childcare - regular).
* mandate faculty members in non-official working hours.
* Treatment of faculty members at the expense of the state (inside / outside).

* Create a file assigning assistants
* Create full-time faculty member file.
* Achieving the decisions of scientific committees not to upgrade.
* Arrange the pension file and send it to the Pension Administration
* Preparing a list of the names of the faculty members referred to the pension.
* Extracting documents from faculty member file (experience certificate / case statement / photocopy)
* Save the files, including (save the executive orders - Save the variable salary card for the Faculty of Agriculture for each year - Save the files that
* ave been worked in place again).
* Send the files needed to manage the endpoints for review