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Cultural activity

Cultural activity is one of the departments of General Administration of Youth Welfare because of its importance for their benefit cultural, literary, scientific and religious university students to complement the goals of the educational process in various university academic and scientific competence.

 Cultural activity targets: -

1 - Provide an opportunity to replace the culture and literature of the academic youth to practice their hobby and their interests

2 - Training young people to discuss and confront contemporary issues facing society

3 - Protect young people from intellectual lesions and behavioral deviation

4 - Revival of the Arabic language and protect it from collapse

5 - Achieve state's strategy and objectives of the National Youth Council in overcoming the obstacles to reform movements taking place in the country

6 - Revive the feelings of loyalty and sense of belonging among youth

7 - Face negative political and failure to practice and exercise of political rights

8 - Discovery of talented youth, cultural, literary and cared for and refine their talents and bring them to the top writers, poets, writers and thinkers.

 Fields of Cultural activity: -

1 - Religious field: - save and improve the Koran and the Hadiths and Islamic culture

2 - Cultural field: - Search - article - Literary Criticism - regular information - fields of the wall (stereotypes - innovative) rhetoric - a topic of discussion

3 - Literary field: - poetry and Zajal - short story

4 - Seminars and conferences

5 - Forums, meetings and cultural festivals

6 - Student exchange with Egyptian universities

7 - Cultural and entertainment visits

The scientific activity team of Ain Shams University won the second and third place in the university youth week


For the second year in a row, the Faculty of Commerce wins first place in the research competition for financial analysts


Stars of art, media and sports participate in "Important Human" festival in the Faculty of Girls


Students of the Faculty of computers won the second place in the Olympiad of Assiut University


Launch of a series of workshops on Microsoft services in all faculties and institutes of the university