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Acceptance of blind students at the Faculty of Arts


Blind students are accepted according to the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities that is issued every year, and on the condition that they obtain high school this year and with a total of at least 50% with residency in the geographical area of the university, and they are accepted after signing a medical examination on them centrally with the knowledge of a medical committee.

The Electronic Vision Center exists in the college to help blind students who are enrolled in it to learn using computer technology in order to raise the academic and scientific level of these students by alleviating the suffering they face due to unequal opportunities with other sighted students as they face difficulty in following the curriculum and taking the exam as well as the difficulty of participation In various student activities such as preparing research papers, etc. Therefore, the center provides the blind student with the opportunity to learn using the computer through a screen reader who helps him to face all these difficulties.

This center has been equipped with electronic devices and programs that serve the center’s objectives (70 computers equipped with a screen reader system - 2 computers that work as a server - a computer equipped with an OCR system for books - 2 computers). A sophisticated scanner to be used in the process of withdrawing textbooks - a network to connect devices to each other - two (2) laser printers to print sighted paper and used in the exam - (3) Braille printer to print courses for blind students] and then the courses were converted from paper To the electronic image heard by the automatic reader system.

The center offers training courses for blind students, such as a screen reader course (vision system) of all kinds (Arabic - English - Internet) for 30 hours of training - educational reinforcement courses for students who have struggled with curricula in the departments (Arabic language - history - philosophy - sociology) - student training Blind people use the Internet to visit scientific and cultural sites in order to develop their personal skills such as self-confidence skills, effective communication and how to solve problems.

The center has established a cultural library that includes 1,814 books in various disciplines, in addition to opening communication channels with NGOs, civil society organizations, and parties interested in the blind to open the door for donations that would maintain the continuity and development of the center and the services provided in it.

The center has expanded the scope of providing its services to all students in the faculties of law and tongues by organizing training courses for them on the screen reader program.

Recreational trips are also organized for these students with the aim of strengthening the links with the center and the continuity of its popularity as an entertainment field in addition to being a field of study and education.

A special family for the blind was established affiliated with the Youth Welfare College and the Electronic Vision Center.

The center obliges blind students to train in the English language vision program and ICDL programs to raise their scientific and professional level.

The books were converted to mp3 for (20) books for the Sociology Department - and (15) books for the History Department - (5) books for the Arabic Language Department.