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General Administration of Medical Supplies


It was established on 30/3/2015 after being separated from the General Administration of Medical Affairs and became an independent entity, which consists of three departments:

(Department of Medical Supply / Pharmaceutical Inspection Department / Pharmacy Department)

Specialization of General Administration: -

Provide and dispense medicines needed by Ain Shams University students.

Services offered by the administration:

  1. Provision and disbursement of medicines for chronic diseases of students such as cases of (Scleroderma sclerosis) - Organ transplantation - kidney failure - liver viruses - diabetes and other
  2. Provision and disbursement of medicines to the student hospital (internal cases - operations - emergency)
  3. Provision and disbursement of medicines for acute medical conditions (influenza - intestinal influenza - common hemorrhage - bone pain - ophthalmic - skin .. and other) that are reluctant to medical centers.
  4. Provision and disbursement of emergency medicines to clinics of medical centers.
  5. Provision of emergency medicines for clinics in the university cities and townhouses
  6. Provision and disbursement of test drugs held in colleges throughout the year
  7. Provide and dispense the medicines needed by student activities at the university or to be attended by university students throughout the year.
  8. Participation in medical convoys organized by the university where the General Administration of Medical Supplies and Pharmacies in the medical convoy participated in the city of Damietta.

First: - Management of medical supply: -

It is responsible for following up the supply of medicines necessary for the treatment of sick students from the companies distributed and produced, and the responsibility of the administration of other works by the Director General.

Second: Department of Pharmacies:

It is responsible for dispensing treatment to students from the main pharmacy and the pharmacies of the branch and the responsibility of the administration of other works by the Director General.

Third: Department of Pharmaceutical Inspection:

It is responsible for the periodic and sudden inspection of the pharmacies of the branch and the home and the stores of medicines and supplies and the task of the inspection committee of other work by the Director General.

Development of organizational structure of the administration:

Two internal administrations were activated:

1 - Department of stores and follow up: -

  • Stores of medicines and medical supplies
  • Consumer Stores
  • Permanent stores

2 - Management of financial and administrative affairs and follow up: -

  • Corporate Accounts Section
  • Department of Personnel Affairs
  • Benefits Section
  • Archive Section
  • Section of the Covenant
  • Department of Sub-Branch Control
  • Department of leaves

Development of the employees in the administration:

A number of pharmacists and administrators supported the administration, after the departure of a number of employees of the pension to meet the severe deficit of administrative staff and management

Number of students benefiting from the pharmacy service:

Only 15,000 students a year.

Due to the recent establishment of the General Administration for medical supplies and pharmacies, the administration has not organized conferences, courses or workshops, but has been addressed to the Central Organization for the organization and administration of the work of courses in areas that could be useful to the pharmacists and administrators working and has already been done several Courses in administration and computer and joined by a number of pharmacists and pharmacists

The General Administration of Medical Supplies and Pharmacies dispense medicines for campuses and scout expeditions carried out by the Youth Welfare Department and the University administration, as well as dispensing medicines and first aid for sports courses.