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Social Activity

This department is one of the pillars upon which the General Administration of Youth Welfare depend on it, through the activities being carried out by the administration on the level of university students as well as between the students of the University and other universities, for male and not as a limitation, there are many activities: -

1 – Competition of idealistic student (male and female) at the university level.

2 - Chess Championship at the university faculties’ level.

3 - Competition for Social Research.

4 - Participation in social research competitions organized by other universities.

5 - Implementation of many medical convoys.

6 - Participation in the Universities Youth weeks.

7 - Ceremonial celebration of Mother and Orphan Day.

8 – Nations festival day.

9 - Organization of several camps to prepare leaders in several provinces during the summer holidays.

10 - Project to make students work during the summer vacation.



Management objectives: -

1 - Create the right climate for the creation of social interaction within the student community.

2 - Spread the spirit of cooperation between the university students.

3 - Normal personal development through the exercise of different activities.

4 - Implementation of the camps, educational and recreational trips.

5 - Training and refine the skills of students and provide them with the information and knowledge that qualifies them to work in solving the problems of the society around them.