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Personnel Services

Training courses:

Education and Student Affairs division, under the auspices of professor D. Vice President for Education and Student Affairs to organize several different training courses for division employee in order to raise the level of performance and improve the level of service performed and the preparation of second line of cadres with efficiency and required skill.

For example, but not limited to:

 Training courses in various fields of education and student affairs in collaboration with the General Directorate of the organization - management training ... During the period from 03.24.2013 till 04.01.2013 are as follows:

- Laws and regulations governing the student affairs areas.

- Tuition fees for enrolled students.

- Rules, procedures and regulations for admission and registration of students.

- stop enrollment, re-enrollment and excuses Cases

- Disciplinary boards under the universities regulating law and its implementing regulations

- Information Systems and the use of computers in the business development performance and the mechanization of Student Affairs and electronic communication with students through the MIS system.

- Open education in university.

- Mandate and rewards of teaching staff.

- As respect to international students.

- Results of examinations and issuing graduate Degree grants.

- Acts of alumni affairs and extract certificates (temporary, authentic and fees for graduates).

- Coordination (Egyptians - expatriate).

- Credit Hours programs.

- Methods of implementation of the provisions of the recruitment law.

- Discuss the problems and propose solutions.

• Training (14) chief in the General Administration of Nutrition in collaboration with the Department of Tourism on the cooking in Safeer Hotels in Dokki and training still underway to date.

• A training program was to the administrators and supervisors in university hostels for the development of behavioral skills and how to deal with students during the month of December 2012.