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Electronic Coordination


The university administration is keen to provide electronic coordination service during the periods specified by the Ministry of Higher Education on the website dedicated to it www.tansik.egypt.gov.eg for the students of the Egyptian secondary school and the equivalent diplomas of Arabic and foreign diplomas and technical diplomas of various types of universities to join in cooperation with the laboratories of some faculties and assistants from the various departments of the university. In addition to providing all the tools that help to perform the service with the required quality and excellence of staff to receive good students and escorts and to guide them to complete the process of coordination in the manner required and under the supervision of the leadership of the University.

The Co-ordination lab of Ain Shams University for the academic year 2012-2013

The Co-ordination lab of Ain Shams University for the academic year 2013-2014

* After the announcement of the results of the nomination at each stage of the different coordination of the student can print the nomination card from the electronic coordination site, and to go to the faculty that was nominated directly to submit papers and complete the procedures of registration that the student to take the following required papers:

1) The white form indicating success.

2) Number of (6) personal photos.

3) Original birth certificate or official extract thereof.

4) Sample (2) recruited for male students only (from post office).

5) Certificate of Sports Excellence (for students who have sports incentives only).

6) Written approval from the principal of the high school and the military high school for students with high school from one of these schools to join a faculty or institute.