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Open Education Development Committee

Prof. D. University President Chairman
Prof. D. Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Vice President
Prof. D. Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development  Member
Prof. D. Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Researches Member
Prof. D. Director of the center  Member
Prof. D. Director Deputy of the Center   Member
Prof. D. Deans of participating faculties in the system Member
General Secretary of the university Member
Competent Assistant of General Secretary of the university Member
General Director of Education and Student Affairs Member
General manager of the university accounts Member
Center Secretary Member



 Terms of reference of the Board of management:

  1. Put the rules of procedure of the work place and determine the terms of reference and duties of its employees.
  2. put the governing rules of granting of wages, bonuses and staff incentives of the center, with a commitment to the provisions of Law No. 49 of 1972 on the organization of universities, as amended, with respect to faculty members, while non-members of the teaching staff shall comply with the provisions Articles 42, 50 and 51 of Law No. 47 of 1978, as amended on civilian personnel system in the country, as well as the pay scale facilities with the law.
  3. Consider of periodic reports that offer workflow for the center and its financial position.
  4. Approve the draft of annual budget and final accounts of the center according to the applicable rules in preparation for submission to the competent authorities.
  5. Approve the nomination of national experts and temporary workers within or outside the university to implement some of the Center's activities with a commitment to Digital resolutions of Minister of State for Administrative Development, 24, 25 for the year 1997 and circulars issued in this regard.
  6. Put financial rules for accounting customers inside and outside the university, according to the executive regulations for universities Regulatory Act No. 49 of 1972.
  7. Proposal to accept gifts, grants, donations and contributions that are consistent with the purposes of the center, taking into account the acceptance authorities.
  8. Establish rules to conclude contracts for the interaction of the center with others.
  9. Establish rules and conditions for conducting studies, tests and training programs.
  10. Authorize the Chairman of the Board of management at some of the terms of reference of the Council that have recipe of urgency, to be presented for ratification at the earliest session, taking into account the Presidential Decree No. 42 of 1967 on the mandate in the terms of reference.