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Board of the printing press

Name Position

Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain El-Abedeen-Ain Shams University President

Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Hamza- Assistant Secretary of the University for Education and Students Affairs Member
Professor,Faculty of Commerce Member
Director General of the university accounts Member

Terms of reference of the Board:

  • Planning to achieve the goals for which the printing press was established.
  • Develop an action plan at the beginning of each financial year and determine the services that the printing press can perform for others
  • Consideration of periodic reports on the functioning of the printing press
  • Establishing the rules governing the contracts concluded with others in the fields of the printing press
  • In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 49 of 1972 concerning the organization of the University and its Executive Regulations and its amendments for non-faculty members, the provisions of Articles 42, 50 and 51 of Law No. 47 of 1978 concerning the Civil Servants Regulations and its Implementing Regulations As well as the wage scale annexed to the law
  • Approving the draft annual budget for the printing press and the final account in preparation for presenting them to the competent authorities
  • Proposing the acceptance of boxes, subsidies, grants and donations that conform to the objectives of the printing press, taking into account the admissions authorities
  • Approval of the selection of national experts and temporary employment from within and outside the university, while complying with the decisions of the Minister of State for Administrative Development No. 24, 25 of 1997
  • To consider all matters which the Chairman of the Board of Directors considers to be of his own competence.