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Medical Affairs Board


The Board of Technical Medical Affairs in University as follows:

Prof. D. Vice President for Education and Student Affairs  
General Secretary of the university
Competent Assistant Secretary in university
Prof. D. undersecretary of Faculty of Medicine for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. D. General manager of university hospitals
General Manager of Medical Affairs at the university and shall be the secretariat of the Council.

Functions of the Board:

1 - Health policy, plan development and follow-up technical supervision of curative and preventive aspects and other discharge of main affairs to develop the curative aspects and promotion of university students.
2 - Organize the treatment of university students in hospitals inside and outside the university.
3 - Consideration of assignments Consultants and Specialists doctors and technicians of the medical service to the university students, the report bonuses owed ​​to them for medical services performed by university students.
4 - Consider contracting with hospitals, clinics and laboratories to perform medical services that are not available in the university, and determine for these services.
5 - Consider the provision of medical services to potential university students, human therapeutic services and facilities within the university.
6 - Adoption of the estimated annual budget and final accounts to fund medical services for university students.