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Language Board


The Board of Directors of the languages departments under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. ​​/ University president and the membership of both:
1- Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Education and Student Affairs.
2- Sirs professors, deans of the faculties of languages.
3- General Secretary of the University.
4- Assistant Secretary of University for education and student affairs.
5- General Director of Education and Student Affairs.
6- General Manager of special accounts.

Functions of the Council:
The unit of the Board of Directors is the dominant power on the conduct of the affairs of the unit and policy development which achieved its purpose in the limits of the laws, regulations and decisions of the Organization for it and his function are as follows:
1- Planning to achieve the objectives for which the languages system was established
2- Develop rules that achieve good advantage of resources unit
3- Consideration in the periodic reports that provide workflow for unity
4- Develop the rules governing the granting of incentives rewards for employees of the unit with compliance with the provisions of Law 49 of 1972 on the organization of universities and its implementing regulations, as amended, for the faculty members either for non-faculty members shall abide by the provisions of Articles 42 - 50-51 of Law No. 47 of 1978 on the system of civilians workers in state and its implementing regulations and its amendment
5- Approve the annual budget draft of unit and final account
6- Proposal to accept gifts , subsidies, grants and donations consistent with the goals of the unit taking into account the laws and authorities of acceptance
7- Approval of the construction plan and the necessary equipment for the study and maintenance is determined implementation of the resources of the unit
8- Approve the establishment of new languages departments ​​before being presented to the University Council
9- Adopt decisions of sub-assemblies in  concerned faculties
10- Determine the physical return to attend sessions
11- Determine the percentages of revenues between the respective faculties and university (AS central Percentage)
12- Approval of the appointment of temporary workers from inside and outside the university with a commitment to laws and regulations of the Organization.
13- Consider in all what the Chairman of the Board of Directors sees as subject matters within its competence.