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About the printing press


Ain Shams University printing Press is considered a special unit that has technical and financial independence and administrative entity subject to the approval of the University Council of session No. 362 in 29/02/1976 and the application of the provisions of Article No. 307 item 7 of the Regulations to the regulating law of universities No. 49 of 1972

Includes several internal departments, the most important are:

1 - Department of Employment and production that do the following:

Implementation of operating commands for combining and binding, underline, processing, and maintenance work, etc., within the limits of the technical specifications that are mentioned in the order.

Daily production payroll

Report any crashes or unemployed productive capacities or redundant

Regular traffic on the machines and monitor their needs

Prepare a file for each machine shows data, productivity efficiency and needed spare parts.

2 - Specifications and assays and costs Management

Prepare lists of the actual costs of the reality of operating commands

Preparation of the necessary data cost to demonstrate the operating costs orders

The printing press in general is printing all university management business, faculties, various institutes of the University printed brochures exam and all regards faculties of exam papers, etc.

1-Number of administrative employees in the press is 35 employees divided between administrative departments

2-Number of employees is 130 employees divided between technical divisions