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General Administration of Medical Affairs


The Medical Administration aims to provide a distinguished medical service to the students of Ain Shams University throughout the year, throughout the study period and during the summer vacations

- The General Administration of Medical Affairs (Student Hospital) provides medical service through the presence of: -

1- Emergency reception at the Student Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on official holidays.

2- Many (22) specialized clinics in various medical specialties supervised by specialists in all different specialties under the supervision of an elite group of professors from the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University.

3- Several (16) medical centers in university faculties and medical centers in university dormitories to provide medical services within the various faculties.

4- There is a medical commission that provides sick leave for all university employees, as well as sick leave for Ain Shams University students.

5- All surgeries required for children of Ain Shams University students are performed through Ain Shams University Hospitals. A special path has been created for students at Ain Shams University Hospitals to avoid waiting and quickly provide medical service to Ain Shams University students.

Activating and integrating the ambulance system to operate around the clock, every day of the week, under the supervision of Ain Shams University Hospitals. The university ambulance hotline was designated as (01012283288).

Complaints and Inquiries

 Address: 3 Ahmed Fouad Abdel Aziz Street (formerly Al-Sariyat) - Abdo Pasha - Abbasiya - Cairo

 Mobile (complaints and inquiries): 01061147184

 Email: Under construction.

The university is keen on providing full medical care for their students, including preventive and curative care: Medicine in all its branches and Dental department in addition to provide the necessary medicines, do the surgical operations and the work of the medical examinations of the analysis and scan through the General Administration of Medical Affairs, which includes several outdoor clinics and hospitals dedicated to students and medical centers are existing in every faculty.

In addition to medical centers in university hostels (female students – male students) and there are many doctors , dentists, pharmacists and medical services assist (Nursing) in every Medical Center and secretary for administrative as well as providing Pharmacy from which to provide medical care for students throughout the year and follow-up during the exams, the medical centers in university hostel are characterized by providing medical services 24 hours in a shift system as well as students Hospital.

These services are evident through the following:

1- A medical examination on university new entrant students at the beginning of the university.

2- Each faculty has a medical center providing primary medical services for all students (examinations and treatment).

3- For specialist services that are not available in medical Center, the faculty converts student to the General Administration of Medical Affairs, which offers all the specialized services through equipped clinics to do medical examination on them where they make all the necessary tests of analyzes and x-rays in students Hospital, as well as provide the necessary treatment.

4- In the case of non-availability of the services in Students Hospital so the students are converted to Demerdash Hospital or Ain Shams Hospital, is also making some rays and examinations in centers and hospitals of State in the event of unavailability of University Hospitals in cases of accidents and extreme emergency that the student is transferred to university hospitals after the stability condition.

5- All necessary surgeries for students are performed at Student Hospital, Demerdash Hospital, or Ain Shams Specialized (orthopedic operations - kidney transplants and making the necessary examinations for students and donors - liver transplants and making the necessary checks for students and donors - ophthalmic operations of all kinds - marrow transplants and making the necessary checks for the student and the donor. Tumor eradication operations.

6- The provision of essential and emergency medicines to all cases of Ain ​​Shams University students have been treated by the General Administration of Medical Affairs and include:
*  Essential medicines for severe, regular cases that are frequent on the faculties of the university medical centers and outdoor clinics in medical management.
*  Provide the exams drugs in faculties of the university.
*  The provision of drugs for chronic conditions such as sugar - blood pressure - and other.
*  Provide special cases drugs such as organ transplants - scattered sclerosis patients nervous system (MS) - Mediterranean fever patients - tumor - hepatocellular viruses - severe psychological conditions and other.
*  Provision of emergency drugs which are purchased based on reports from the gentlemen consultants on a case by case basis.
*  Provide emergency medicines to the camps, trips and student activities throughout the year.
*  Provide emergency medicines for medical centers and university hostels for the morning and evening periods.
*  Provision of operations medicines and emergency in hospital.

1- Department of Preventive Medicine
2- Hospital treatment management.
3- Laboratory management.
4- Management of medical centers in medical colleges and university cities.
5- Department of Finance and Administration Affairs.
6- Student Hospital Management.
7- Radiology department and no one lived there.
8- The pharmacy management has been separated

The service provided by the medical administration
The Medical Administration provides its services to students who visit it and benefit from it 
 Student Services
The medical administration provides medical services to new students, including medical examination and support for university cities with a medical team to follow up our students in university cities, doctors, nurses and secretaries are delegated to provide distinguished medical service to our students, in addition to supporting student camps and daily sporting activities with a team of doctors and nursing and providing them with an equipped ambulance. Preparing the students' cards to help them obtain the medical services provided to them

Laboratory management in the medical administration
The Medical Administration Laboratory receives about 180 male and female students every month from Ain Shams University to conduct various analyzes with periodic control qualities to ensure the accuracy of the results obtained by the patient, as well as making maintenance contracts for the devices to ensure the accuracy of the results.
In the case of requesting analyzes that are not available in the laboratory, we transfer them to the Damradash Hospital so that the student gets an integrated service and benefits from the laboratory services for a wide range of students:
1- Students who suffer from chronic diseases such as kidney failure, red mercury, diabetics and rheumatic fever, liver virus diseases, immunodeficiency diseases, thyroid diseases and others, where they perform monthly periodic gimmicks to follow the development of the condition and adjust the treatment doses.
2- Students who suffer from occasional diseases such as anemia, cold, infections and bone pain, and others, to diagnose the condition and take appropriate treatment.
3- Students applying for housing in university cities where they are subjected to urine toxicology analysis. The analysis includes searching for some types of drugs in circulation. Students who abuse these substances are excluded from housing in the University City. The General Director of the Medical Administration and the President of the University are notified of positive cases.

The Medical Commission Department at the Medical Administration

First: The work of the students' commission
1- Approval of satisfactory excuses for university students in all stages, including all Egyptian and expatriate students in the bachelor’s, bachelor’s and postgraduate levels (diploma / master / doctorate) in order to excuse themselves from studying or examinations or both.
The number of excuses presented to the Medical Commission management ranges from 50 to 120 per month.
2- The formation of the medical committee for military education is done by the director of the commission administration and headed by doctors working in the commission’s administration.
The committee signs a medical examination for all students who apply for medical exemption from performing military education, both practical and theoretical, or one of them, by examining and reviewing medical analyzes, x-rays, and medical reports.
The committee holds two sessions per month, in addition to the extraordinary sessions that are held during the mid-year vacation or summer vacation, so that the service can be provided to all students, especially graduates who were unable to attend the regular sessions, which may expose them to problems with the recruitment department.

Second: The tasks of the employees’ commission
Approving sick leave for university employees and faculty assistants (teaching assistants and assistant teachers only) by asking the patient about the symptoms he complains about and reviewing the medicines that were dispensed to him in addition to examining and reviewing the patient’s progress in laboratory tests, radiations and medical reports within the limits regulated by laws And related regulations.

A brief description of the Student Hospital
The first establishment began in the seventies of the last century as a nucleus made up of a group of outpatient clinics with the aim of providing medical services to students of Ain Shams University, and the first development in the eighties was introduced to it with the aim of converting this nucleus (group of clinics) into a hospital where a small emergency department and a surgical operations department were added. A number of (2) operating rooms (large and small) and the first development of external clinics by developing specialized clinics in all specialties and seeking the help of consultant professors in all specialties and medical branches from the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, and the establishment of a radiology unit.
As well as the establishment of the laboratory department, the physiotherapy department, and the internal departments (male and female students), which included 50 beds to receive medical cases reserved for treatment and post-operative operations and accidents.
The rate of performing surgeries was approximately 40 operations per month, and an average of 500 operations per year, ranging from major and minor operations, and surgical endoscopes were added to keep pace with developments in surgical operations.
In December 2016 AD, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, the President of the University, preferred to inaugurate the first phase of the hospital's redevelopment, which included the development of outpatient and emergency clinics and providing them with the latest medical devices, such as cardiograms, electrocardiograms, and radiology. In the emergency department and expanding the emergency department to include 7 beds and a small surgery room to sew the wounds under local anesthesia and for rays and plaster of fractures, all while taking into account the application of all infection control measures with great accuracy
In addition to the presence of an ambulance to transport sick students to and from the hospital, medical centers in all faculties of the university and university cities (male and female students) attached to it. Of nursing with high efficiency and experience and a team of student affairs staff with experience in the good treatment of our students and facilitate all the hardship and difficulty for them in order to achieve the desired goal of providing a good service for you, which is to provide us with a full service.

An overview of the medical centers administration
Providing medical service for sick cases for students in all faculties by treating what can be treated in the medical center and transferring cases that require medical analyzes or examinations necessary to diagnose the case to the medical administration and follow up their cases and provide the necessary treatment for them. For example, the medical service was provided to about 67,000 students in 2017.
Medical examination of all new students in the colleges and technical institutes of the university in order to discover any chronic cases for follow-up or new disease cases and direct them for treatment Being present during the examination committees in the colleges and providing them with the necessary aid and providing sick excuses for difficult cases if necessary. Being present during the sports and entertainment activities that are held at the university, in cooperation with the medical administration, for the presence of an ambulance in the place to transfer cases that are difficult to treat in the place to the emergency medical administration Medical presence in university cities with male and female students residing in them, where shifts are made by exchanging doctors to work and stay overnight 24 hours a day in 4 university cities to provide. The necessary aid or transferring critical cases to the emergency medical department or Demerdash. Cooperating with the Preventive Medicine Department by supervising the cleanliness of cafeterias attached to the colleges and supervising the preventive measures taken to limit the spread of any infection or epidemic and following them up with the Preventive Medical Department Cooperating with the Department of Dental Medicine and all other departments to provide better medical service to students