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The President of Ain Shams University decides to make the talented university students travel to visit Dubai Expo 2020
The President of Ain Shams University decides to make the talented university students travel to visit Dubai Expo 2020

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, met with 21 talented university students nominated to attend the Expo 2020, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

This came in the presence of Prof. Dr. Shahira Samir, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development, Executive Director of the International Relations and Academic Cooperation Sector at the university, and Prof. Reham Al-Atifi, Director General of the General Administration of Education and Student Affairs and supervisor of the student delegation representing the university.


During his meeting with the students, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini said that Ain Shams University was keen to implement a new philosophy and approach in caring for its talented children scientifically, mathematically, artistically and culturally, by opening up horizons for participation in various events and forums locally and internationally; This gives them the opportunity to open up to the other, learn about different cultures, mix with young people from different countries of the world, exchange experiences with them, and be the best ambassador representing Egyptian civilization and culture.

Dr. El-Metini asked them to take advantage of this unique experience to come up with ideas and proposals that serve a variety of areas of their interests. Dr. Shahira Samir said that the university is in constant contact with the UAE embassy to facilitate all procedures related to travel, accommodation and the visit program.


The student delegation is scheduled to travel to the university from February 14 to 20.

It is noteworthy that World Expos are held every five years and last for a maximum period of 6 months, attracting millions of visitors throughout the history of organizing World Expos, and this session is the first to be hosted in the Middle East and West Asia.


It is hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates under the slogan "Connecting Minds...Making the Future".

The BIE, during its general assembly in Paris on November 27, 2013, announced that Dubai had won the right to host Expo 2020.

Egypt is participating in a distinguished pavilion at Expo 2020 that combines the authenticity of the past, the grandeur of the present, and the foresight of the future.