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Ain Shams Appreciation Award

Awards Winners

Profile Image Staff Name Faculty Year Video Interview Actions
Ahmed Mahmoud Ali algizawi Faculty of Agriculture 2008 N/A
salah abdel hgany abo el anin Faculty of Science 2008 N/A
Mohamed Awad Afifi Tag Eldin Faculty of Medicine 2008 N/A
Tharwat Ishaq AbdulMalik Faculty of Arts 2007 N/A
محمد عبد اللطيف هريدي Faculty of Arts 2007 View Interview
علية حنفي حسانين احمد Faculty of Arts 2007 N/A
Wagih El Sayed El Saadawi Faculty of Science 2007 N/A
مصطفى عبد المنعم شعبان Faculty of Engineering 2007 N/A
Abdel Ghani Mohamed El Geendi Faculty of Agriculture 2007 N/A
Abdel Badeeh Mohamed Mahmoud Salem Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences 2007 N/A
Mohamed Naser Ismaiel Kotbi Faculty of Medicine 2007 N/A
Mahmoud Kamel Hassan Faculty of Education 2007 N/A
Ali Ahmed Ibrahim Youssef ElAbd Faculty of Medicine 2007 N/A
Mohab Saad Ibrihem Faculty of Al-Alsun 2006 N/A
Mohamed Abd El Motaleb Mostafa Faculty of Arts 2006 N/A