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Ain Shams Appreciation Award

Awards Winners

Profile Image Staff Name Faculty Year Video Interview Actions
على أبو الفتوح إبراهيم الشيخ Faculty of Al-Alsun 2004 N/A
Mohamed Abdel Hameed Sheaera Faculty of Engineering 2004 N/A
Zidane Hendi AbdelHamid Zidane Faculty of Agriculture 2004 N/A
Mohamed Fathy Abdel Wahab Faculty of Medicine 2004 N/A
Saadia Mohamed Bahader Faculty Of Postgraduate Childhood Studies 2003 View Interview
samer naem ahmed el ghol Faculty of Arts 2003 N/A
MOHAMED Mohamed Hassan Wahba Faculty of Arts 2003 N/A
Mahmoud talha mohamed el maghraby Faculty of Agriculture 2003 N/A
محمود علي عباس عودة Faculty of Arts 2002 N/A
Mohamed Abd El Rahman Mohamed Faculty of Al-Alsun 2002 N/A
Mohamed Reda Ali El Adl Faculty of Business 2002 N/A
مصطفى محمد سليمان Faculty of Engineering 2001 N/A
El sayed Hassan Hassanein Faculty of Agriculture 2001 N/A
Wahed Mohamed El Saied Faculty of Medicine 2001 N/A
Abdel Moneim Ali Rady Faculty of Business 2001 N/A