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Ain Shams Appreciation Award

Awards Winners

Profile Image Staff Name Faculty Year Video Interview Actions
Rabah Mohamed Shawky El Saied Faculty of Medicine 2013 N/A
Mohamed Khiry Ibrahim Abd Elsmad Miklid Faculty of Medicine 2013 N/A
Mona Abdel Hadi Hussein Soodi Faculty of Women 2013 N/A
Adel Ramadan Moustafa Faculty of Science 2013 N/A
Mohamed Sabry Ahmed Abdelmottaleb Awadalla Faculty of Science 2013 View Interview
Laila Ahmed ElSayed Karam El Din Faculty Of Postgraduate Childhood Studies 2012 N/A
Mohamed Ramzy el shaer Faculty of Law 2012 N/A
شفق العوضى مصطفى الوكيل Faculty of Engineering 2012 N/A
Suzan Mohammed Salah El-Din Fouad Faculty of Education 2012 View Interview
فتح الله محمد فتح الله النحاس Faculty of Engineering 2012 N/A
Tawakol Younis Rizk Faculty of Agriculture 2012 N/A
Mahmoud Naser Eltaib Naser Faculty of Medicine 2012 N/A
Abdel Aziz Mohamed Kamal Abdel Aziz Faculty of Medicine 2012 View Interview
Mohebat Mahmoud Hafiz Aboemira Faculty of Women 2012 N/A
Nadia Gamal El Din Mohamed Ibrahim Faculty of Al-Alsun 2012 N/A