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Ain Shams Appreciation Award

Awards Winners

Profile Image Staff Name Faculty Year Video Interview Actions
اعتماد محمد على علام Faculty of Women 2015 N/A
Hani Mohamed Kamal Mahdi Faculty of Engineering 2015 N/A
Esmat Bakri Abdallah Faculty of Agriculture 2015 N/A
جيرمين فاروق حافظ الجوهري Faculty of Engineering 2015 N/A
Afaf Hamid Khalil Khalil Faculty of Medicine 2015 N/A
Mona Abd ElKader Mohamed Salem Faculty of Medicine 2015 View Interview
El-Sayed Mahmoud El-Sayed Soliman Faculty of Science 2015 View Interview
Nahed Abdel Hamed Ibrahim Faculty of Al-Alsun 2015 N/A
Mohamed Sayed Salama Ali Faculty of Science 2015 N/A
Zine El Abidine Nasser Badawi Faculty of Law 2014 N/A
Mohamed El-Sayed Soliman El-Abd Faculty of Al-Alsun 2014 N/A
Abdelsattar Mohamed Morsi Sallam Faculty of Science 2014 N/A
Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed ELNahhas Faculty of Education 2014 View Interview
Hamed Ibrahim Hussein El Mossely Faculty of Engineering 2014 N/A
زينب عبد الحميد لطفي Faculty of Nursing 2014 N/A