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Ain Shams Appreciation Award

Awards Winners

Profile Image Staff Name Faculty Year Video Interview Actions
Mohame El Saied El Zmiety Faculty of Agriculture 2017 N/A
Mohamed Hazem Abdel Latif Faculty of Engineering 2017 N/A
Salah El deen Abdo Hassan Faculty of Science 2017 View Interview
Hani Fikry Faculty of Engineering 2017 N/A
Ashraf ShamsEldine Yahia Faculty of Science 2017 N/A
Ivilin Saied Abdallah Saied Faculty of Specific Education 2017 View Interview
Mohamed Ismail Roushdy Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences 2017 View Interview
Maher Abdel Aziz Mahmoud El Hashash Faculty of Science 2017 N/A
Emad El Din Ahmed Ahmed Hussein Faculty of Medicine 2017 View Interview
Wagida Abd Elrahman Anwer Faculty of Medicine 2017 N/A
Mamdouh Mohamed Gad Eldamaty Faculty of Archaeology 2017 View Interview
Emtithal Ahmed Bahaa El-Din Ahmed El-Sawi Faculty of Women 2017 N/A
mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Omar Faculty of Education 2017 N/A
Galal Mahrous Moatimid Morsi Faculty of Education 2017 View Interview
Shadia Ali Fouad Kenawy Faculty of Arts 2017 N/A