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Network and Information Technology Center


Achieving scientific excellence for Ain Shams University in the field of university learning and scientific research through the employment of information and communication technology.


The center aims to provide integrated, stable and advanced electronic services through a strong information structure that helps advance the educational and research process and develop the various university entities to provide information, statistical data and reports necessary to support the university system and cooperate with other universities, research centers, and government and private agencies at the local and global levels.


1. Develop the university's strategic plan in the field of information technology and following up on its implementation.
2. Provide modern technological services and benefiting from them to raise the efficiency of the educational, research and administrative process in accordance with international standards.
3. The transition to electronic management through the automation of the administrative and educational system.
4. Help the university community in digital transformation and transforming the university into a smart university.
5. Support decision makers at all levels by providing the required data on a dashboard accurately and quickly enough.
6. Build the university community’s capacity to use information and communication technology.
7. Raise the level of technological knowledge of the community surrounding the university by providing training services on communication and information technology.
8. Establish and supervising the information technology units in the colleges and institutes of the university.
9. Enrich the digital content of the university in accordance with international standard specifications.
10. Raise the efficiency of the university community to benefit from the digital knowledge content.
11. Raise the efficiency of the university's technological infrastructure in accordance with international specifications and standards.
12. Cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities with regard to information and communication technology.

The organizational structure of the center

The center follows the university administration and has its own independent technical, financial and administrative entity and supervises the management of the centers and units affiliated thereto, which are as follows:

Infrastructure and Network Unit
University Portal unit
Electronic University Management Systems Unit
Technology services unit
Information technology units in faculties