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Plagiarism Detection Service

For registration in Scientific Plagiarism Prevention service    please follow the following steps:

  • - Click the link for the application form and enter these data (researcher's name, faculty, department, thesis or research title, and thesis type) correctly.

  • - A non-refundable amount of EGP 100 shall be paid in exchange for the fees for conducting the process of extracting quotation rates for each submitted thesis, and the researcher will be notified of this about the date of submitting his report through the contact information previously included in the form.

  • - These fees are paid via bank deposit with permission to pay from the information network headquarters on the main campus of the university.

  • - The duration of the scientific product examination is 15 days, starting from the day the file is received.

  • - When the examination is completed, the files to be modified will be sent to the researcher on the e-mail.

  • - The examination report can also be received from the information network headquarters at the university's main campus.

  • - This certificate is attached as one of the requirements for obtaining an academic degree (Master - PhD) or when applying for one of the awards related to scientific publication, promotions, or other bodies.

  • - Official work hours are from 9 am to 2:30 pm, Friday and Saturday are official holidays.