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Prof. Dr. Mohamed AbdelHady Kamel Baumy

  • Faculty: Faculty of Education
  • Department: Department of Physics
  • General Specialization : physics
  • Specialization:
  • Degree: Emeritus Professor
  • Current Status: In Working
  • Official Email: mohamedkamel@edu.asu.edu.eg
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  • Research Gate: Research Gate Link
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  • H-index: N/A
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  • Research Fields: Theoretical Physics, Laser, Solar energy
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    • Bachelor
    • 1960
    • Master
    • 1968
    • preparatory
    • 1964
    • candedat
    • 1973

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Research Title Year Citations
The Efficiency of the Solar Converter as a Function of the Doping Degrees and the Incident Solar Spectral Photon Flux 2012 4
Dropsize function during dropwise condensation in relation to heat transfer intensification—Statistical approach 2010 1
Dropwise condensation on a rotating condenser in relation to heat transfer intensification 2010
The temperature variation of a solar cell in relation to its performance 2010 3
On the Depletion Layer 2009 1
Heating one-dimensional homogeneous slab with a pulsed laser in relation to the laser pulse parameters 2008 3
On the diurnal climate control within the car’s salon: a new approach 2007 1
The temperature functional dependence of VOC for a solar cell in relation to its efficiency new approach 2007 36
Laser thermal response of a finite slab as a function of the laser pulse parameters 2007 5
The Temperature Field within a Car Having Glass Windows Supported by Embedded Metallic Mesh, Considering the Mesh Parameters and the Heat Loss Modes 2002
New approach to modelling a flat plate collector: the Fourier transform technique 2002 14
A method to determine the solar cell series resistance from a single I–V. Characteristic curve considering its shunt resistance—new approach 2001 106
Prediction of Diurnal Global Solar Irradiance on a Horizontal Surface General Approach 2001 6
On flat plate collector-New approach 1998 2
The stability of natural convection in an inclined fluid layer in the presence of a temperature gradient and an ac electric field 1997 1

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