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The Islamic Development Bank Award for Effective Achievement in Islamic Economics

The Islamic Development Bank announced the launch of the annual competition for the “Effective Achievement in Islamic Economy” award 2024, in recognition and reward of the distinguished achievements of individuals and institutions in the categories of knowledge production and implementation of innovative development solutions that are guided by the principles of Islamic economics. It is worth noting that this award is granted in one category only. Every year, it alternates between the “Cognitive Contribution” and “Development Achievement” categories, and in this regard, the 2024 session of this award will be allocated to the “Cognitive Contribution” category.

This comes in appreciation and encouragement of the important knowledge productions in areas related to the Islamic economy, which are capable of contributing to confronting the major economic and financial challenges facing the member states of the Islamic Development Bank.

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Deadline for submitting approved nomination papers: November 30, 2023

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