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What is a UNESCO Chair?

The UNESCO chair, in addition to the Institute of Education for Peace, arranges nationwide and global conferences, as well as cultural occasions (kids’ painting exhibits, theater performances, performances, etc.).

In many circumstances, the Networks and Chairs serve as think tanks and as bridge contractors between academia, civil society, local neighborhoods, research study, and policy-making. In locations experiencing a scarcity of expertise, Chairs and Networks have progressed into poles of excellence and innovation at the sub-regional or local levels. They also add to enhancing North-South, South-South, and triangular cooperation.

The purpose of the UNESCO Chair is to promote an integrated system of research study, documentation, training and details activities in the field of Human Rights. Democracy and Peace at the regional and local level (post 2 of the Contract). These activities promote the worth of a culture of human rights, peace and non-violence within the university. Along with within secondary and main schools, with the goal to sensitize residents, instructors, and trainees to these concerns. On the following link, you will find all UNESCO sustainable development goal.

Palestine in coordination with UNESCO Chair program developed UNESCO Chairs at An-Najah to improve scientific research study. Also the program development in designated scholastic fields and construct connections with the local and international academic neighborhood. Besides, to foster relationships to the civil society, local areas, and decision makers.