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Dr. Abdallah Mohammed Samy Ismail Gad


Dr. Samy lab has expertise in vector-borne diseases, disease burden analysis, and health economics. His research addresses several questions at the interface of ecology, epidemiology, public health, and global health. He is broadly interested in studying zoonosis, arboviral epidemiology, and the climate change that influences disease dynamics and spread. His lab uses an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted approach to research questions, typically using a combination of field and lab experiments, geographic information system, remote sensing, ecological modeling, and phylogeography. His current work on arboviruses and mosquito-borne diseases is focused on developing disease forecasts, understanding the major drivers of disease spread, and identifying the possible shifts at disease risk in response to global warming in the future. Dr. Samy serves as deputy editor for several international Journals, including PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science
  • Department: Department of Entomology
  • General Specialization : Entomology
  • Specialization: Medical and veterinary insects
  • Degree: Associate Professor
  • Current Status: In Working
  • Official Email: samy@sci.asu.edu.eg
  • Google Scholar: Google Scholar Link
  • Research Gate: Research Gate Link
  • Scopus: Scopus Link
  • H-index: 54
  • Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3978-1134
  • Research Fields: Public health, global health, epidemiology, disease modeling, biodiversity informatics, medical Entomology, and ecological modeling
  • CV: Download CV

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    • 2016

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Research Title Year Citations
Improvement of the magnetic and electrical properties of Cu-Zn ferrites 2003 15
Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer water reserves in Western Kansas 2003 2
Effect of rare earth substitution on magnetic and electrical properties of Mn–Zn ferrites 2002 38
Effect of Sm substitution on the magnetic and electrical properties of Cu-Zn ferrite 2002 23
Effect of the Anisotropy Field and Magnetic Ordering on the Electrical Properties of Substituted and Unsubstituted Nd2CuO4 1999 1
Original Papers-Electronic transport; superconductivity-Effect of the Anisotropy Field and Magnetic Ordering on the Electrical Properties of Substituted and Unsubstituted Nd2CuO4 1999
High-temperature anomalies of the electrical resistivity and thermoelectric power in (R= Y and Fe; x= 0.0 and 0.05) 1997 5
A study of thrombosis 1932
An experimental study of tactual flicker with emphasis upon the qualitative aspects of the problem 1932
The Tabanidae of Kansas 1931
A quantitative analysis of five general science texts 1931
A comparison of the predictive values of county examination and teachers' marks, together with a study of the efficacy of the review period, in the rural and graded schools of … 1930
Some studies on the morphology of B. coli 1929
The improvement of teachers in service in the first and second class cities of Kansas 1925

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Book Name Published Date Sector Book Website ISBN
Climate, Ticks and Disease 2021-11-02 Basic Science Book Website 978-1-78-924963-7
Geospatial Technology for Human Well-Being and Healt 2022-03-22 Medical Book Website 978-3-03-071376-8

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