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Prof. Dr. Alaa Eldeen Abdel Halem Mohamed Farrag

  • Faculty: Faculty of Education
  • Department: Department of Physics
  • General Specialization : Physics
  • Specialization: Solid State Physics
  • Degree: Professor
  • Job: Faculty vice for society and the environment
  • Current Status: In Working
  • Official Email: alaafaragg@edu.asu.edu.eg
  • Google Scholar: Google Scholar Link
  • Research Gate: N/A
  • Scopus: Scopus Link
  • H-index: 31
  • Orcid: N/A
  • Research Fields: Solid state physics, Materials Science, Thin films, Photovoltaics
  • CV: Download CV

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ASU Awards

  • 2009

    Award: State Incentive Award (Academy of Scientific Research)

    • Provider: Scientific Research Academy
    • Field: Basic Sciences
    • Category: State Awards (Academy of Scientific Research)
  • 2009

    Award: Prof. Dr. Latifa Al-Houty Award

    • Provider: Ain Shams University
    • Field: Physics
    • Category: Ain shams Special Awards
  • 2010

    Award: Misr El Khair Foundation

    • Provider: Misr El Khair Foundation
    • Category: Various scientific awards

Scientifc Research (350)

Research Title Year Citations
Experimental and theoretical investigation for 6-Morpholinosulfonylquinoxalin-2 (1H)-one and its haydrazone derivate: Synthesis, characterization, tautomerization and … 2022 8
Design, synthesis of new novel quinoxalin-2 (1H)-one derivatives incorporating hydrazone, hydrazine, and pyrazole moieties as antimicrobial potential with in-silico ADME and … 2022 3
Electrical performance of nanocrystalline graphene oxide/SiO2-based hybrid heterojunction device 2021 10
Newly diagnosed diabetes in patients with COVID-19: Different types and short-term outcomes 2021 3
Optical characterizations and dielectric performance of 5, 10, 15, 20-Tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl)-21H, 23H-porphine palladium (II) for photodetector applications 2021 3
Combined therapy with conventional trans-arterial chemoembolization (cTACE) and microwave ablation (MWA) for hepatocellular carcinoma> 3–< 5 cm 2021 3
Comparison of three embolic materials at partial splenic artery embolization for hypersplenism: clinical, laboratory, and radiological outcomes 2021 1
Prediction of high-risk esophageal varices in patients with compensated cirrhosis using albumin-bilirubin-platelet score. 2021 1
Fabrication and characterization of encapsulated Gemini cationic surfactant as anticorrosion material for carbon steel protection in down-hole pipelines 2021 1
Towards significant enhancement of structural and optoelectronic properties of porphyrin palladium (II) complex: A theoretical and experimental analysis 2021 1
Performance and photoresponse characterizations of pyrimidine quinolone carboxylate derivatives films-based heterojunction devices 2021 1
Performance of novel nanostructured thin films of 2-cyano-N-(9, 10-dioxo-9, 10-dihydro-anthracene-2-yl)-2-(2-phenylhydrazono) acetamide: Synthesis and optoelectronic … 2021 1
Fabrication, DFT modeling, and photoelectronic characterizations of novel pyridinylcarbonylquinoline for promising potential energy conversion 2021
Salusin-β in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism and low to moderate cardiovascular disease risk 2021
Enhancement of electrical and dielectrically performance of graphene-based promise electronic devices 2020 16

Journal Name Published Date Sector Journal Website ISSN
Materials Chemistry and Physics 2021-01-15 Basic Science Journal Website 0254-0584
Optik 2021-04-01 Basic Science Journal Website 0030-4026
Optik 2021-01-11 Basic Science Journal Website 0030-4026
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2021-01-09 Basic Science Journal Website 1369-8001
Journal of Molecular Structure 2021-05-15 Basic Science Journal Website 0022-2860
Indian J Phys 2022-06-16 Basic Science Journal Website 0974-9845
Physica B 2022-06-07 Basic Science Journal Website 0921-4526
Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2022-12-12 Basic Science Journal Website 2194-1467
Optical and Quantum Electronics 2023-05-25 Basic Science Journal Website 1572-817X
Frontiers in Scientific Research and Technology 2023-01-02 Basic Science Journal Website 2682-2962
Optik 2023-03-28 Basic Science Journal Website 1618-1336
optik 2023-03-22 Basic Science Journal Website 1618-1336
journal of ma te ri a l s re s ea rch and t e chno logy 2021-08-17 Basic Science Journal Website 2238-7854
Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 2022-04-03 Basic Science Journal Website 1574-1451
Journal of Molecular Structure 2022-08-20 Basic Science Journal Website 0022-2860

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هل لديك بحوث علمية منشورة ? نعم
نوعية البحوث المنشورة دولية فقط
إجمالي عدد البحوث المنشورة بين 150- أقل من 200 بحثا
هل يوجد لديك كتب مؤلفة محلية ? لا يوجد
هل يوجد لديك كتب مؤلفة إقليمية ? لا يوجد
هل يوجد لديك كتب مؤلفة دولية ? لا يوجد
هل يوجد لديك كتب مترجمة ? لا يوجد
قيمة h-index من Scopus من 30-أقل من 40
إجمالي عدد الاستشهادات البحثية Citations من Scopus من 3000- أقل من 4000
هل لديك إشراف على رسائل علمية ماجستير ودكتوراه ? نعم
عدد رسائل الماجستير والدكتوراه التى تم الإشراف عليها ? بين 5-أقل من 10
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عدد المقالات والبحوث العلمية التى تم تحكيمها ? أكثر من 50
هل أنت مشارك في هيئة التحرير لمجلات علمية محكمة محلية أو دولية ? لا
هل لديك مشاريع علمية محكمة ? نعم
ما هى نوعية المشاريع ? مدعومة من وزارة البحث العلمي
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