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Prof. Dr. Khaled Fouad Khaled Mahmoud

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Studies of iron corrosion inhibition using chemical, electrochemical and computer simulation techniques 2010 280
Testing validity of the Tafel extrapolation method for monitoring corrosion of cold rolled steel in HCl solutions–experimental and theoretical studies 2010 270
Electrochemical investigation and modeling of corrosion inhibition of aluminum in molar nitric acid using some sulphur-containing amines 2010 202
Copper corrosion inhibition in O2-saturated H2SO4 solutions 2010 148
Experimental, density function theory calculations and molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the adsorption of some thiourea derivatives on iron surface in nitric acid … 2010 121
Electrochemical behavior of nickel in nitric acid and its corrosion inhibition using some thiosemicarbazone derivatives 2010 73
Corrosion inhibition of copper in chloride media by 2-mercapto-4-(p-methoxyphenyl)-6-oxo-1, 6-dihydropyrimidine-5-carbonitrile: Electrochemical and theoretical study 2010 58
On the corrosion inhibition and adsorption behaviour of some benzotriazole derivatives during copper corrosion in nitric acid solutions: a combined experimental and theoretical … 2010 56
Inhibitive effect of thiosemicarbazone derivative on corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution 2010 53
Monitoring corrosion and corrosion control of iron in HCl by non-ionic surfactants of the TRITON-X series–Part I. Tafel polarisation, ICP-AES and EFM studies 2010 51
Experimental and molecular dynamics study on the inhibition performance of some nitrogen containing compounds for iron corrosion 2010 48
Understanding corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acid medium by some furan derivatives: a comprehensive overview 2010 43
Electrochemical investigation of corrosion and corrosion inhibition of copper in NaCl solutions 2010 25
Kinetic investigation of C38 steel corrosion in concentrated perchloric acid solutions 2010 12
Copper corrosion inhibition in O {sub 2}-saturated H {sub 2} SO {sub 4} solutions 2010

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Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 2021-03-28 Basic Science Journal Website 2357-0245

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