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Dr. Islam Mohamed El-said Mohamed El-Sewify

  • Faculty: Faculty of Science
  • Department: Department of Chemistry
  • General Specialization : Inorganic chemistry
  • Specialization: Nanochemistry and its applications
  • Degree: Lecturer
  • Current Status: In Working
  • Official Email: eslamelsewify@sci.asu.edu.eg
  • Google Scholar: Google Scholar Link
  • Research Gate: Research Gate Link
  • Scopus: Scopus Link
  • H-index: 10
  • Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1934-4260
  • Research Fields: Optical chemosensors, Removal of organic dyes, Material science, Water treatment, metal organic frameworks
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Scientifc Research



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    • Bachelor
    • 2010
    • Master
    • 2013
    • Modern Physicochemical Methods and Their Applications in Chemical Analysis for Determination of Some Important Industrial Material
    • Phd
    • 2018
    • Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Some Nano Optical Sensors
    • preparatory
    • 2011

Career Progression

    • Lecturer
    • Year : 2019
    • Assistant Lecturer
    • Year : 2013
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Year : 2011


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ASU Awards

  • 2021

    Award: Ain Shams Incentive Award

    • Provider: Ain Shams University
    • Field: Basic sciences
    • Category: Ain Shams Incentive Award
    • Video Interview: View Interview

Scientifc Research (21)

Research Title Year Citations
Methyl 5′-Chloro-8-formyl-5-hydroxy-1′, 3′, 3′-trimethyl-spiro-[chromene-2, 2′-indoline]-6-carboxylate 2023
A Modern Look at Spiropyrans: From Single Molecules to Smart Materials 2023
Comprehensive study of substituent effects on structure and photochromic properties of 1, 3-benzoxazine-4-one spiropyrans 2023
Superior adsorption and removal of aquaculture and bio-staining dye from industrial wastewater using microporous nanocubic Zn-MOFs 2022 20
Novel polychromogenic fluorine-substituted spiropyrans demonstrating either uni-or bidirectional photochromism as multipurpose molecular switches 2022 5
Mesoporous polyaniline/SnO2 nanospheres for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of bio-staining fluorescent dye from an aqueous environment 2022 4
Monitoring of Cobalt and Cadmium in Daily Cosmetics Using Powder and Paper Optical Chemosensors 2022 1
DFT modeling of indoline spiropyrans with a cationic substituent in the gas phase 2022
Optical chemosensors for environmental monitoring of toxic metals related to Alzheimer's disease 2022
Mesoporous Nanosensors for Sensitive Monitoring and Removal of Copper Ions in Wastewater Samples 2021 12
Spiropyrans: molecules in motion 2021 7
Multiuse Al-MOF chemosensors for visual detection and removal of mercury ions in water and skin-whitening cosmetics 2020 40
Decorated nanosphere mesoporous silica chemosensors for rapid screening and removal of toxic cadmium ions in well water samples 2020 16
Broccoli-shaped biosensor hierarchy for electrochemical screening of noradrenaline in living cells 2018 103
Dual Colorimetric and Fluorometric Monitoring of Bi 3+ Ions in Water using Supermicroporous Zr-MOFs Chemosensors 2018 65

Journal Name Published Date Sector Journal Website ISSN
New journal of chemistry 2021-01-07 Basic Science Journal Website 1144-0546
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2021-10-19 Basic Science Journal Website 1387-1811
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 2021-10-30 Basic Science Journal Website 0009-3122
Dyes and Pigments 2021-12-21 Basic Science Journal Website 0143-7208
ACS omega 2022-04-28 Basic Science Journal Website 2470-1343
inorganic chemistry communications 2022-02-22 Basic Science Journal Website 1387-7003
RSC Advances 2022-11-15 Basic Science Journal Website 2046-2069
Mendeleev Communications 2022-08-02 Basic Science Journal Website 0959-9436

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