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Prof. Rania Mohamed Hafez Hathout

  • Faculty: Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Department: Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy
  • General Specialization : Pharmacies
  • Specialization: Nanotechnology, drug delivery and pharmaceutical informatics
  • Degree: Professor
  • Current Status: In Working
  • Official Email: rania.hathout@pharma.asu.edu.eg
  • Google Scholar: Google Scholar Link
  • Research Gate: N/A
  • Scopus: Scopus Link
  • H-index: 38
  • Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9153-4355
  • Research Fields: Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy, Colloids, Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics, Nanotechnology
  • CV: Download CV

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A novel serum-stable liver targeted cytotoxic system using valerate-conjugated chitosan nanoparticles surface decorated with glycyrrhizin 2017 30
Gelatinized‐core liposomes: toward a more robust carrier for hydrophilic molecules 2017 20
Studying the effect of physically‐adsorbed coating polymers on the cytotoxic activity of optimized bisdemethoxycurcumin loaded‐PLGA nanoparticles 2017 44
Statins anticancer targeted delivery systems: re-purposing an old molecule 2017 38
Anti-tumor efficacy of an integrated methyl dihydrojasmonate transdermal microemulsion system targeting breast cancer cells: in vitro and in vivo studies 2017 50
Intradermal vaccination with hollow microneedles: a comparative study of various protein antigen and adjuvant encapsulated nanoparticles 2017 109
Optimizing novel penetration enhancing hybridized vesicles for augmenting the in-vivo effect of an anti-glaucoma drug 2017 52
Nanostructured lipid carriers loaded with simvastatin: effect of PEG/glycerides on characterization, stability, cellular uptake efficiency and in vitro cytotoxicity 2017 57
Augmented simvastatin cytotoxicity using optimized lipid nanocapsules: a potential for breast cancer treatment 2017 57
Selecting optimum protein nano-carriers for natural polyphenols using chemoinformatics tools 2016 55
Gelatin-based particulate systems in ocular drug delivery 2016 57
Towards better modelling of drug-loading in solid lipid nanoparticles: Molecular dynamics, docking experiments and Gaussian Processes machine learning 2016 56
Bisdemethoxycurcumin loaded polymeric mixed micelles as potential anti-cancer remedy: preparation, optimization and cytotoxic evaluation in a HepG-2 cell model 2016 55
Exploring the use of nanocarrier systems to deliver the magical molecule; curcumin and its derivatives 2016 162
Silencing of the metastasis-linked gene, AEG-1, using siRNA-loaded cholamine surface-modified gelatin nanoparticles in the breast carcinoma cell line MCF-7 2016 41

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هل لديك بحوث علمية منشورة ? نعم
نوعية البحوث المنشورة دولية فقط
إجمالي عدد البحوث المنشورة بين 80- أقل من 100 بحثا
هل يوجد لديك كتب مؤلفة محلية ? من 1-أقل من 5 كتب
هل يوجد لديك كتب مؤلفة إقليمية ? لا يوجد
هل يوجد لديك كتب مؤلفة دولية ? فصل واحد أو أكثر من كتاب
هل يوجد لديك كتب مترجمة ? لا يوجد
قيمة h-index من Scopus من 20-أقل من 30
إجمالي عدد الاستشهادات البحثية Citations من Scopus من 2000-أقل من 3000
هل لديك إشراف على رسائل علمية ماجستير ودكتوراه ? نعم
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عدد رسائل الماجستير والدكتوراه التى تم تحكيمها ? بين 5-أقل من 10
عدد المقالات والبحوث العلمية التى تم تحكيمها ? أكثر من 50
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ما هى نوعية المشاريع ? مدعومة من جهات دولية
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