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University Awards Office

About the University Awards Office:

The University Awards Office was established with the approval of the University Council on April 23, 2020.

The Awards Office was activated and a supervisor was assigned to it by one of the university’s faculty staff on March 10, 2021

Goals of the Awards Office:

The University Awards Office aims to raise the level of nomination for awards for university faculty members by enabling them to participate in local, regional and international awards through the following:

  • • Follow-up on the announcement of awards of all kinds, local, regional and international.
  • • Classification of local, regional and international awards according to their requirements and categories.
  • • Raising awareness of the awards, and introducing each award and its importance.
  • • Providing the necessary support to faculty members wishing to run for awards.
  • • Providing the necessary support activities for the nominees for the awards through many activities such as workshops, training programs, meetings, and visits.
  • • Training on award criteria in cooperation with the competencies, experiences and qualified cadres.
  • • Follow-up of the university faculty members nominated for awards.
  • • Creating a database of the university's faculty members for the nominations for awards.

The Awards office include the following:

  • • Distinguished employees of the graduate studies and research sector at the university.
  • • Assistant Rector of the Graduate Studies and Research Sector.
  • • Supervisor of the office from one of the university's faculty members.
  • • The office is affiliated to the university's graduate studies and research sector headed by the university's vice president for graduate studies and research.
  • • Awards Office at Ain Shams University


  • • Determining and activating the main performance indicators for the work of the Awards Office.
  • • Continuous development of the progress follow-up system for awards in the office.
  • • Preparing periodic reports on the performance of applying for awards at the university, and proposing the necessary improvement measures for this.
  • • Providing the necessary support to university faculty members in the field of awards.
  • • Continuous advertising of all awards by all available means to facilitate the process of applying for them.
  • • Coordination with all faculties to follow up on applicants for awards and to provide the necessary technical support.

Contact us

Via E-mail: scientific.awards@asu.edu.eg

Or, visit the Awards Office in the University Administration Building - Graduate Studies and Research Sector - Cultural Relations Department.