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Ain Shams University Appreciation Award

Annually during August and September of each year, the General Administration of Scientific Research at the university writes to the professors, the vice-deans of the university’s faculties and institutes, to provide it with the names of the nominated professors and professors who are members of the arbitrators’ committees for Ain Shams University Discretionary and Incentive Award and follow the following steps:-

  • • The faculties and institutes of the university announce applying to the university awards (Discretionary - Incentive), noting that receiving the required application documents will be from the first of September to December 31 of each year.
  • • The departmental councils nominate one candidate for each field who meets the conditions for application.
  • • The university administration may nominate one candidate for each field who meets the conditions for application.
  • • The college or institute council approves the departmental councils’ nominations to apply for awards and sends the nomination letter, accompanied by the required documents, to the General Administration of Scientific Research.
  • • The applicant’s file is reviewed by the Awards Office in light of the regulations governing the conditions that the applicant must meet and the requirements for progression, within a week from the date of receiving the file.
  • • If there are any reasons that lead to the non-acceptance of the applicant’s file, the file will be returned to the applicant to complete the file as required and resubmit it again within a week.
  • • The candidate may apply to the Awards Office by providing all the required consultations to help complete the file according to the requirements and resubmit it again.

Award fields:
The university presents (18 discretionary awards) in the following fields:
Field Number of Awards
Medical Sciences 3
Engineering sciences 2
Architecture 1
Technological sciences 2
Educational sciences 2
Basic sciences 3
Social science 4
Agricultural Sciences 1











Awards value:

The net value of the award is EGP 100,000, and the recipient is awarded the University Gold Medal and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Applying Conditions for applying for the University Appreciation Award (in addition to the general conditions):

1. The applicant shall have spent at least five years at Ain Shams University as a professor.

2. The applicant shall have rendered clear scientific services to the university and the country, had a distinguished scientific school and published innovative and scientific research.

3. The applicant shall not have previously received the University's Discretionary Award in any of the fields of the award.

Requirements to apply for the University Appreciation Award:

1. The required documents shall be submitted according to the forms prepared for nomination for the award.

2. Provide evidence that proof the applicant’s scientific production, including published research and scientific theses that he supervised.

3. Scientific literature and cultural activities of the candidate.

4. The candidate’s university activity and the scientific and societal services he performed for the university and the country.

5. Previous works and administrative positions.