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Medical Services

The University is keen to provide full medical care for its students. Preventive and curative care includes: human medicine in all branches and dental medicine, in addition to the necessary medicines, surgical procedures and medical examinations. All this is achieved through the General Directorate of Medical Affairs includes several outpatient clinics, a hospital dedicated to students and existing medical centers in addition to medical centers in cities (male students – female students)

There are doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical services and a secretary for administrative work, as well as providing a pharmacy where students are provided with medical care throughout the year and follow-up examinations. The medical centers in the university cities offer 24-hour medical service in a rotation system as well as the Student Hospital.

The following show these services:

1- Perform the medical examination of the university's new students at the beginning of university enrollment.

2. Each faculty has a medical center that provides primary medical services to all students (tests and treatment).

3- For specialized services which are not available in the medical center of the faculty, the student is transferred to the General Administration of Medical Affairs, which provides all the specialized services through the clinics equipped for that to sign the medical examination, where all the necessary tests are done in the student hospital as well as the necessary treatment.

In the absence of service in the student hospital, the student is transferred to the hospital or the specialized hospital, and some tests are carried out in the external centers and hospitals in case they are not available in the university hospitals in cases of accidents and extreme emergencies. The student should be transferred to university hospitals after stabilizing the disease.

4 - Provision of essential and emergency medicines for all sick conditions of students of Ain Shams University, which was treated by the General Directorate of Medical Affairs and includes:

  • Essential medicines for regular and severe cases on the medical centers of university faculties and outpatient clinics in the medical administration
  • Provision of examination drugs at university faculties
  • Providing medicines for chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and others


  • Provision of special case medications such as organ transplantation - patients with multiple sclerosis (M.S) - Mediterranean fever patients - tumors - hepatic viruses - severe psychological conditions and others
  • Provision of emergency drugs purchased based on consultants' reports on a case-by-case basis
  • Provide emergency medicines for camps, trips and student activities throughout the year.
  • Provision of operational medicines and hospital emergency

5 - All necessary surgeries are performed for students at the student hospital or in the Demerdash or Ain Shams Specialized Hospital (orthopedics - kidney transplantation and the necessary tests for the student and the donor - liver transplantation and the necessary tests for the student and the donor - all types of ophthalmology - Necessary for the student and the donor - tumor removal

 Miscellaneous statistics:

(The number of medical cases that have been examined by the medical examination through different medical centers and distributed to all faculties of the university number of 85000 patients in various medical specialties (Human and dentist) and provide medical service for them and the necessary treatment.

The total number of cases in the outpatient clinic in the student hospital was approximately 15752 cases (internal, endocrine, brain, neurosurgery, kidney, psychological and neurological, general surgery, gynecology)

The hospital received 363 cases.

A total of 363 surgical operations were performed














Number of cases reported on the analysis laboratories


Number of students receiving the service

Central Laboratory


Faculty of Commerce Lab


Faculty of Law Lab


External analysis





The annual treatment costs for some chronic cases in the General Directorate of Medical Affairs of the University amount to approximately LE 4500000.

Knowing that all these services are available to the student at the expense of the university in return for payment of health insurance fees and included in the delivery of college expenses.