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Development convoys aim to reach all services to the neediest areas, and are considered an effective development work in empowering marginalized and disadvantaged groups. By providing various educational, medical and developmental services, the Adult Education Center at Ain Shams University has participated in all the convoys organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Ain Shams University, and the following is a statement of the development convoys.

The comprehensive development convoy in Beni Suef Governorate the village of Sidis and its dependencies, Beba Center, Nazlet Hanna village, Al-Fashn Center (from 28-30 November 2018)

The comprehensive development convoy in Minya Governorate (Nazlet Bani Muhammad Sultan) during the period from 13-15 April 2019

Comprehensive development convoy in Halayeb, Shalateen and Abo Ramad

The Comprehensive Development convoy in Assiut Governorate 23-26 February 2020.