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Ain Shams Appreciation Award

The General Administration of Scientific Research at the university annually, during the months of “August and September” of each year, writes to the professors, the deputies of the university’s faculties and its institutes, to provide us with the names of the professors nominated and the professors who are members of the arbitrators’ committees for the Ain Shams University Appreciation Award and take the following steps:

  • • The faculty or institute council nominates five professors from the department’s nominations to apply for the awardز
  • • The General Administration for Scientific Research receives the nominations of university faculties and institutes of six copies for each candidate, no later than December 31 of each year.
  • • The administration presents the formation of committees of arbitrators for the award in its various fields to the Council of Graduate Studies and Research and then the University Council to choose the professors, rapporteurs and members of the committees of arbitrators for each field.
  •  • The nominations are sent to the professors, rapporteurs of the committees of arbitrators, for examination and arbitration.
  • • Then the award nominations in its various fields are presented to the selection committee for the winner headed by the president of the university according to the list of the award and then the university council, before June 30 of each year.
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