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Qualifications & Academic Degrees

M.B.B.Ch., M.Sc. Surgery, M.D. General Surgery

Faculty of Medicine, Ain-Shams University, Egypt.

F.R.C.S. Ed.      Royal College of Surgeons Of Edinburgh

Honorary fellow FAAP (Hon.) American Academy Of Pediatrics

Diploma of pediatric surgery   French Association of Pediatric Surgeons

Honorary European Diploma in Transplantation Surgery

Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (FEBS).


General and pediatric surgery in Ain-Shams university since 1983 .

University of Brest France 1986-1988 for the MD Degree .

 Hopital Eduard Heriot ,Lyon France 2001 For liver transplantation .

University Of Essen Germany 2001 For liver transplantation.

University of Birmingham England 2001 For liver transplantation.

Clinic Saint- Luc  Brussels Belgium 2003 For liver transplantation.

Society Membership

Honorary President of the Egyptian Pediatric Surgical Association (EPSA). Vise president of the Arab association of pediatric surgeons.

 Executive member of the African association of pediatric surgeons PAPSA.

Honorary Member of South African association of pediatric surgeons SAPS.

Member of the:

British association of pediatric surgeons BAPS.

American Academy of pediatrics AAP.

European association of pediatric surgeons EUPSA.

Mediterranean associations of pediatric surgery MAPS.

International Liver Transplantation society ILTS.

Editor in:

 Associate editor in annals of pediatric surgery.

Middle east editor in European Journal Of pediatric surgery

 Editor in Pediatric Surgery international.

Reviewer in:

Journal of pediatric surgery.

Indian Journal of pediatric surgery .

International Journal of surgery .

International Journal of case studies .

Ain-Shams Medical journal.

Ain-Shams Journal Of surgery.


Overseas guest speaker in the AAP (American Academy Of Pediatrics) October 2002.

Pediatric Surgeon of the year Graz Austria March 2005.

Ideal junior physician (Egyptian medical syndicate) March 1996.

Ideal physician (Cairo medical syndicate) February 1998

Trained in Egypt, France, Germany and Belgium. 

Chapters in Books:

 Tropical surgery.

Operative pediatric surgery.

Manual of pediatric surgery for Africa

 Pediatric Surgery: Diagnosis and Management.

 Pediatric surgery Handbook for Africa and Pediatric surgery: Comprehensive textbook for Africa.

Esophageal and gastric disorders in children (in Press).



56 international Publications in peer reviewed international journals.

60 guest lectures all over the world from Japan to Argentina.

Most of them in the field of esophageal surgery and replacement, complex urogenital anomalies, neonatal surgery and pediatric liver transplantation.

Over 150 international congresses in addition to over 450 national meetings.

Supervision of more than 60 thesis in all fields of pediatric and general surgery.


Community Services

Member of the board of trustee of Yehya Arafa group (NGO).

It assisted in renewal of pediatric Cardio-surgery department Ain-Shams University with a budget of 3 million Egyptian Pounds.

Renewal of pediatric surgery department Ain-Shams University with a budget of 7 million Egyptian Pounds.

Renewal of Neonatology department Ain-Shams University with a budget of 12 million Egyptian Pounds.

Started the program of pediatric and adult liver transplantation in Egypt October 2001 and till now we have 50 children in 2 different hospitals, and about 350 adults.

Establishment of the 1st Free specialized Liver transplantation hospital in the Middle East with An estimate coast of 200 Million Pounds for construction, 50 million Pounds yearly coasts to reach 100 million pounds yearly and treating 300 new cases  yearly .  


Pediatric Surgery

Major role in establishing the pediatric surgery unit Ain-Shams University  1994 and renovating the unit in 2009 with value of 7 million EP all from donations.

Creation of several Pediatric surgery  units in hospitals as: Fayom  

, Elgalaa Hospital and Italian Hospital  in egypt .

Establishment of the Pediatric surgery unit in Sert University Libyea Establishment of the Pediatric surgery unit in Sanaa University Yemen .

Cooperation with many universities all over the world with training of faculty members since 1988 in so many countries: France, England, Germany, United states etc.

Visiting professor  in over 20 universities all over the world including : USA , Austria ,South Africa ,Sweden ,Spain , Netherlands ,Italy and Switzerland .

Visiting Operating surgeon for specific esophageal problems in: India, Austria, Sweden, South Africa and Oman.



Director of final year exam of general surgery for 10 years from 1991 till 2001.

Supervision of more than 60 thesis in all fields of pediatric and general surgery.

Creation of a new MD degree of Pediatric surgery with an accredited curriculum.

Creation of a well recognized Pediatric surgery training program with lots of foreigners Rotating for training . 

  • University Director From : January 1, 2012 , To : January 1, 1970