Thirty-fifth issue of Ain Shams University Electronic magazine

Ain Shams University issued the thirty-fifth edition of its magazine, which included a number of topics: 1) the Observatory Science Academy of Scientific Research measures the performance of researchers, 2) Faculty of Arts Announces Acceptance to sections Terms of 84% is success rate in Arab Division, and 90% in English in faculty of commerce, 3) Training programs for students of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Also it included the titles that were included in the issue of Sunday: the announcement of the results of the first phase of admission to universities, the first in August is applying electronically for university cities, Egypt at the center 37 worldwide in the international scientific publication, the end of the first phase for the Coordination of admissions to universities, students of faculty of engineering is the fourth in worldwide Formula One competition .10 courses to prepare illiteracy teachers.

It is noteworthy that the issue is a periodic electronic newsletter issued by the Information Department of the General Administration of Public Relations and Media at Ain Shams University, and the issued under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa.

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