Community Service and Environmental Affairs Sector offers an educational services in various aspects through seminars

Community Service and Environmental Affairs Sector offers an educational services in various aspects through seminars and forums organized by faculties, as well as its efforts to cooperate with the executive authority in the state to take advantage of scientific services offered by the university, and to talk in detail about the services offered by this sector of the university met with Vice President of University Affairs community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. / Abdel-Wahab Mohamed Ezzat Abdel-Wahab.


What are the services provided by the community service and environmental affairs sector for students and for the university?


The Sector provides services relating to organizing seminars, conferences and development comprehensive convoys, and we are behind these services to solve the problems and issues facing the community.


- Do you offer other sub services?


Yes, we offer technical advice and design programs and projects of the bodies and national bodies, in addition to participating in the development of capabilities and skills of individuals and the preparation of cadres by organizing training courses, as we work to raise awareness of the political, social, economic and cultural dissemination through conferences and seminars that we organized and we are keen to commensurate with the economic and political changes and social development in the community.


- If we count the number of conferences, seminars and convoys, which was held faculties and institutes since 2010 until the present time, can you tell how many?


Number of seminars organized in various faculties during this period amounted to 213 seminar, and the number of conferences 61 Conference, while the number of convoys reached 53 convoy.


- What about the numbers of conferences, seminars and convoys which were held in centers of the University during the same period?


Total number of seminars held in various centers is 53 seminar, while the number of conferences was 12 Conference, the conduct of one convoy was from the unit of account research community service and the environment during this period.


- What are the most important seminars that have been dealt with during the current year?


A Seminar on the informative seventh Money Experts Club forum, a seminar on the Summary of recommendations learned from the graduates of the French Department, Faculty of women, a seminar on the revolutionary homeland and the confused media, and a seminar with the graduates of the faculties of Languages ​​on training students and providing them with employment opportunities, in addition to the a seminar about violence among schoolgirls manifestations, causes and treatment, as well as a seminar on malnutrition as a matter of national medical and psychological perspective, cultural, and a seminar on  planning literacy programs and non-formal education, monitoring and evaluation, as well as a number of seminars that dealt with old ancient civilizations .


- What about the conferences?


Conference of the Egyptian economy, the challenges and prospects for the future, and Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy has coincided this conference with the delivery of the overall certification, in addition to the scientific conference organized for the scientific departments of the three at the Institute of Graduate Studies for Childhood, in addition to the scientific conference of the Department of Psychology of the children, along with the Fourth International Conference, which dealt with thought  in Egypt through the ages, and conference marketing products and inventions and applied research  at university.


- What was the convoys?


There is one convoy as I mentioned above, but included Clinics teeth, bones, Ophthalmologists, and medical tests.


- What is the response of the students with seminars and conferences that are organized?


The students responded well.


Issues of belonging and understanding of the culture and religion are of the priorities.


- What is the plan are in place to provide more services?


It is planned to organize a number of meetings and seminars, and cultural weeks where they will stay for a week and the peoples of the day for women and includes a discussion of women's issues.

- Are there particular issues will be focused on during these seminars and forums?


Yes, it will focus on three issues: the issue of affiliation at all levels, will also be addressing issues of cultural, artistic and literary because the last period and the events experienced by the country led to forget these important issues, while the third case is represented in the correct understanding of religion and its relationship to science.


- What is the extent of cooperation with various university bodies, especially the executive in the state to take advantage of the services offered by the university and private research and scientific ones?


We Collaborated with different agencies in the state, in the field of Health are cooperating with the hospitals and with the Ministry of Health, and in the field of education, we cooperated with the Organization of literacy of the nation, and with the Ministry of Education, in addition to several bodies and government agencies, especially regarding the organization of seminars and conferences.

- What are your plans to get Ain Shams University on the classification of the largest in the world rankings of universities?

Two years ago, Ain Shams University were not ranked among the world rankings of universities, but two years ago, just got a position among the top 500 universities, and classifications are based over the publication of university professors for Scientific Research in international journals, and our presence in the classification is indicated by the progress and development of the university, in addition to we do our best to get more advanced in the next rankings.


- What are the most faculties that have been instrumental in getting the university on this advanced position?

The faculties of medicine and engineering have been published numerous research and this has strengthened the position of the university.

- How do you see the political activity within the corridors of the university?

University is not the right place to practice political activity, the university is a place to receive the science and education, and the exercise of political activity should be in parties.

- What is the last word you want to direct?

We hope to contribute to the University of Ain ​​Shams through affairs of community service and development environment sector in solving many of the problems faced by the community resulting from the different variables, and yours to raise awareness among members of the community to ensure the proper choice of available alternatives in the face of different problems to make the university is a key partner in the process of economic and social development to push the nation towards progress and prosperity.