Graduate Studies and Research sector at Ain Shams University announces the opening

Graduate Studies and Research sector at Ain ​​Shams University announces the opening of the door for apply to fill the post of Director of "management development projects and research unit," and that is available for those faculty members who are working in faculties / institutes in various university.


Applicants for this position must be available by the following conditions:


1 - To be members of the faculty staff at the university.


2 - Experience and know business activities and financial regulations for the centers and units of the university.


3 – To have a vision of the future for how to improve the management of projects and units linked to the university and to benefit from the outputs of projects to improve performance.


4 - The ability to set goals, policies and determine the time for implementation.


5 - The ability to manage and employ the experience of others.


6 - Flexibility and the use of different types of decentralization and democratic administration.


7 - The ability to accept and deal with the new reality and accept the changes and challenges.


8 – Should hold courses in management.


9 - At least participated in the writing of research projects and has fully aware of them.


10 - The ability to communicate effectively and successfully with senior management and obtaining projects.


Required papers:


  • CV


  • Experience certificate


  • The proposed development plan for the unit.


the submission of applications will be to the office of Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research within (10) days from the date of Announcement.