Ain Shams University celebrates the end of the restoration of 1300 pages of Hippocrates book in medicine

The Chinese Mission for the Restoration of Manuscripts ended its work at Ain Shams University, following a 43-day working period that began in July.

The Center for Papyrus and Engraving Studies at Ain Shams University hosted a number of Chinese experts at the Manuscript Restoration Institute at Fudan University in China.

During the celebration held by the Center of papyrus and engravings on this occasion, Dr. Noha Salem, Director of the Center. Abdul Wahab Ezzat to expand the base of cooperation between the Center and Fudan University in China to exchange experiences in the field of restoration in order to preserve the civilizations of the oldest and oldest civilizations in the world.

Dr. Tariq Mansoor, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Advisor to the Center, praised the efforts of the university leaders in the establishment of cultural and scientific relations and joint projects between Ain Shams University and its counterparts in the People's Republic of China and other universities. This cooperation increases the weight of Ain Shams University internationally at all levels and confirms its international reputation and ability Competitive among the different universities of the world, hoping to complete the restoration project to achieve its objectives.

The head of the Chinese delegation reviewed the phases of the project and what has been achieved. Dr. Mervat Gaber made a presentation about the book Hippocrates in Medicine, one of the rare books acquired by Ain Shams University, underwent repairs, and has no counterpart in the libraries of the Arab world and the number of pages is 1300 pages.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates of thanks and appreciation were given to the working team and all the workers in the project and to the members of the Chinese delegation. This occurred in the presence of Prof. Aleya Hefy, the former Director of the Center and Mrs. Zeinab Aslan, Director of the Central Library of the University and Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Abdel Hamid Assistant Lecturer, Department of Archaeological Restoration Faculty of Archeology - Cairo University and a number of members of the faculty of the university.