Ain Shams University Announces Conditions of Admission and Acceptance to New and Distinctive Programs for the academic year 2019/2020

By: Rabab Nassar

Ain Shams University headed by Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahhab Ezzat announced the conditions of admission and acceptance to the new and distinctive programs offered by the university during the activities of the open induction day organized by the university president in cooperation with the community service sector and environmental development for holders of the Egyptian secondary certificate and the equivalent of Arab and foreign certificates. These events will take place at the 5:00 pm on Monday, 9 July at the University's grand conference hall next to the Faculty of Pharmacy, which will be held under the slogan "New and distinctive programs".

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of the University confirmed that Ain Shams University is the first government university to offer a variety of new programs in different fields and disciplines that suit all desires, as well as suitable for students of scientific and literary subjects, but not limited to a specific subject.

He pointed out that these educational programs are in line with international standards and the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market. It also allows the obtaining of two or more degrees, one international and the other from Ain Shams University, in a number of specializations. This is the result of a large number of partnerships, Arab and foreign, which distinguishes them from other public and private universities.

In addition, Ain Shams University has been awarded 4 stars of 5 in the QS World Ranking, which confirms Ain Shams University's reputation as an international academic and makes it a perfect choice for those who want excellence and success from our students who are coming to study at the university level.

The activities of the open day will include the participation of students and parents, attending some seminars to learn about the nature of the study and the courses, as well as meeting with a number of academicians from faculty members, university administration and students in these programs to ask questions about the nature of the university study.

A unique on-campus learning and entertainment visit is also held to explore the University's facilities and facilities.

Those wishing to attend the free induction day can register at