The Role of Banks Restructuring in Support of SMEs in Faculty of Commerce

By: Abeer Suleiman

Mustafa Abdel-Ilah Haddad Abdel-Ilah Targhan received his PhD degree with distinction with a study entitled "The Role of Banks Restructuring in Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and an Applied Study on the National Bank of Egypt"

In light of the recent initiatives taken by the Central Bank to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the study addressed the recommendations needed to restructure the banks of their SME financing sectors in order to be able to follow the country's direction and vision regarding the support and growth of this vital sector for small and medium enterprises Play a key role in overcoming unemployment, fighting poverty and economic growth, and providing a large network of social protection for low-income people.

The Supervisory Committee was formed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Khalifa, Professor of Accounting and former Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Prof. Dr. Nader Al-Pir Fanous, Professor of Finance, Accounting and Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Sayed Ali Metwally, Professor of Statistics, Sadat Academy, and Prof. Dr. Wael Omran Ali, Assistant Worker and Deputy Director of the Higher Institute of Administrative Sciences.