Faculty of Agriculture students are succeeding in a new energy saving experience

By: Walaa Abu El-dahb

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Galal Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Ain Shams University commenting on the success of the students in the new research application to convert a liter of gasoline after pressure to steam gas to be used in the heating quarters of poultry as a rationalization of fuel and electricity as a new energy.

Prof. Alaa Abdel Salam and Dr. Walid Al-Helou Department of Agricultural Mechanization supervised the research, and students of the faculty among the many research carry out this research.

Dr. Ahmed Galal said that students in the research relied on the theory of conversion of gasoline to vapor is used as fuel to get from the combustion of heat energy used for heating, and this steam is produced from the two main elements of pressure and heat, and if these conditions are obtained flammable vapor.