Ain Shams University announces its strategic plan 2018-2023 at its seventh scientific conference

Ain Shams University is preparing to launch the strategic plan for the University 2018-2023 during the seventh scientific conference of the university under the title of "Internationalization and Mobilization". The conference will be held during the period from 2 - 5 April 2018, Prof. Dr. / Abdel Nasser Badawy Sengab - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, state this.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of the University, will announce the start of the plan during the first day of the conference.

He added that the University Council approved the executive summary of the strategic plan for the University 2018-2023 on 26/2/2018, which included the vision, mission of the university, its priorities and the strategic goals of the University.

The vision of Ain Shams University 2018-2023 states the following:

"Ain Shams University inspires to have a global competitive advantage in managing an innovative system of education, research, knowledge and community service."

The mission of Ain Shams University 2018-2023 states that:

"Ain Shams University is an educational, research and service institution that adopts innovation and qualifies an educated and skilled graduate capable of competing in the labor market and serving the community in accordance with international developments."