•	Opening the charity fair of clothes at Ain Shams University •	Carrying out health awareness campaign and health convoys from the university in March •	Forthcoming Exhibition for Egyptian Industries •	Blood donation campaign coincides with the exhibition •	Returns to Ain Shams University Hospital •	The proceedings of the exhibition is dedicated to serve Ain Shams University Hospitals

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University, presented the annual charity exhibition of clothes organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector.

He said that this year's exhibition is distinguished by the unique participation of a number of Rotary clubs. For the first time this year, Rotary clubs include Rotary Nile Palace, Rotary Maadi, Rotary New Cairo, Rotaract Heliopolis Sports, Nile Enerwell Club and Enerwell Heliopolis Club.

He stressed that this exhibition is an example of cooperation between the university in the service of society and civil society institutions, as the convergence of ideas between them eads to a greater output than we expect.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sengab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, stressed that the solidarity of community institutions is the protective shield for the protection of the country, especially in view of what the Egyptian state is witnessing at the current stage. He added : "the country needs to unite the efforts of different parties and work to as one man, within the community.

Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel-Hamid, Vice President of the University Affairs explained the community service and development environment, the university offers a distinctive and concrete community service for young people, noting that the yield will be allocated to the Children's Hospital, stressing the continuation of this service in the coming years.

He pointed out that the university president had developed a great plan for cooperation with civil society organizations, stressing that he would complete and implement them through convoys, holding meetings, organizing exhibitions and lecturing in the various fields needed by society.



Convoys and Exhibitions

Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, Secretary General of the University and the General Supervisor of the exhibition reviewed the service activities of the University of convoys of comprehensive development, awareness campaigns, charity exhibitions and others, and invited them to participate in the convoys, launched by the University with the beginning of March, to a number of neighborhoods within the Greater Cairo.

He called for the participation of Rotary clubs in the preparation of a number of buildings in the university or medical cities through donations in kind that benefit the students and the educational process.

He pointed out that Ain Shams University is keen to provide distinguished community service through the community service sector and environmental development, in cooperation with civil society organizations.

He added that the exhibition was held with the participation of 6 Rotary clubs, stressing the University's keenness on the participation of students in the organization and access to service.

He pointed out that the exhibition contains all kinds of clothes and accessories, and the service provided aims at students first and then workers.

Moreover, Ain Shams University is preparing an exhibition in Egypt in the fourth edition with the participation of 43 Egyptian industries companies, during March.




For his part, Hani Al-Shami, President of Rotary Club New Cairo, said that Rotary provides assistance to civil society, including blood donation campaigns for Ain Shams University hospitals, in addition to collecting clothes that are offered free of charge to students or at nominal prices for hospitals.

Nadia Farouk, an associate club member, explained that the clubs hold meetings with the university to increase the assistance of students who are not able, adding that the role of civil society organizations is complementary to the government.

Enayat Saad El Din, a member of Enerwell Egyptian Club in the exhibition, pointed out that the club participates every year in the charity exhibition of Ain Shams, where the clothes were collected from the members of the club and offered to the students. She added that the club also provides medicines and equipment for treatment in Ain Shams University Hospitals. Each year, the club aims to provide the community by medical services.

Dr. Reem Al-Alfi, a Rotary member of Helioplus Sporting, confirmed that Ain Shams University has been cooperating with civil society organizations for years. This year, the group joined the Rotary Youth Group, which has a tent that will be allocated to buy Kidney dialysis supplies and then be handed over to the Demerdash Hospital.



Honoring clubs

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University honored Rania Alwan President of Rotary Nile Club, Hani El Shemy President of Rotary Club New Cairo, Magda Ahmed Fahmy President of Rotary Club Maadi, Habiba Youssef, President of Rotaract Club Heliopolis, Manal Al-Attar, President of the Enerwell Hallopolis Club and Afaf Esmat, President of Enerwell Nile Club, at Al-Zaafran Palace before the opening of the charity clothing exhibition.

Blood Donation

On the sidelines of the exhibition, a blood donation campaign was held on the campus of Ain Shams University under the full supervision of Ain Shams Specialist Hospital under the auspices of the community service and environmental development sector.

For her part, Professor Wafa Abdul Qader, an official at the secretariat of the blood bank at Ain Shams Specialist Hospital, explained that blood bags are used for liver transplant patients and oncology patients. The blood pressure and hemoglobin of the donor are measured before blood is withdrawn to ensure that no harm is done.

She confirmed that the age of the donor should not be less than 18 years, and completed her speech that after the blood is drawn from the donor is sent to the hospital to conduct the necessary tests within 24 hours, and if any blood disease, the bag is executed immediately.

She pointed out that reports will be sent to the donors in the university so that the donor can know the results of tests in addition to know the type of blood type.