Professor at Tennessee Institute of Technology in the United States

Egypt has good qualifications

Workshop combine Al-Sawy with Al-Qassas to discuss the mechanisms of implementation of advanced research project proposals at the Institute of Environment.

Professor Ahmed El Sawy, Head of Department, Tennessee Institute of Technology, USA, stressed that Egypt has good scientific and research competencies that need support.


He said that he hoped to plant some plants that generate energy such as twinkling, which is squeezed and used, noting that this plant does not need permanent care as it grows automatically. He expressed his hope that this project will be established in Egypt. He pointed out that he cooperates with researchers in Egypt to implement it.

He added, "I hope the hydroponics technology will be used in Egypt, adding that the implementation of this project does not require the use of the land for agriculture, where the agriculture is in the greenhouses in the water streams, and the vegetables and fruits are planted through root feeding without the need for agricultural land. Through this project, it will provide spaces of land and water.

On the benefits of this project and its returns to the community, he said that feasibility studies are being carried out continuously on the projects to be implemented and the profitability of them. The market is being studied and if there is a profit and job creation for young people from these projects, the project will be expanded.

Al-Sawy stressed, Egypt is not considered a backward state from the developed countries and the difference is limited. He demanded Egypt's scientists, researchers and students to find real jobs through which to solve the problems of society.

"What I aspire to do is to cooperate with my colleagues in Egypt to implement scientific research in Egypt and then implement it and adopt it by a governmental body to create jobs and solve the country's problems," he said.

He pointed out that he began discussions with the Dean of the Institute of Environment, Dr. Hisham Al-Qassas to find mechanisms for the implementation of research ideas that could be implemented through the Institute of Environment and scientific centers in it.

Al-Sawy stressed that scientists in Egypt have good potential, both in universities and in research centers.

"If we are able to develop a new technology or idea that is not 100% correct, it will eventually lead to good results, even in terms of learning and raising the level of scientific and research," he said.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sawy and Dr. Hisham Al-Qassas held a workshop and cooperation on the latest scientific findings in some agricultural fields, in the presence of vice-dean of the Environment Institute for Environment and Community Service, a number of faculty members of the Institute and some specialists in the field of agriculture. The margin of the conference of the Egyptian scientists in Canada and America hosted by Ain Shams University at the end of last December.