Honoring students of the Faculty of Arts on the open stage of the Book Fair

By: Israa Osama-Jehan Hafez

The open theater witnessed the honoring ceremony of the "I am a Volunteer" campaign consisting of 500 young men and women of different ages and universities, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Suzan Alkellany, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and member of the Organizing Committee of the 49th Cairo International Book Fair and Dr. Haitham El Haj Ali, Chairman of the Egyptian General Book Authority and the President of the fair.

At first, Haitham Al-Haj expressed his happiness with the efforts of young volunteers throughout the fair. He said that the idea came from young people, headed by Mustafa Ezz Al-Arab, the founder of the campaign.

Dr. Suzan Al-Kellany expressed her happiness with the youth of the Faculty of Arts, specifically the Department of Guidance, Libraries and Media, for their efforts at this year's Book Fair.

The ceremony was attended by Mustafa Ezz Al Arab, in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy of the young people, stressing the success of the campaign in its first session and aspires to be the initiative for all youth initiatives in the coming years.

The campaign was divided into groups to make it easier for them to go up to the theater and receive the certificates. Each team then started to collect certificates from Dr. Haitham, in addition to taking a souvenir photo.