The National Council for Women cooperate with Faculty of Arts in monitoring the image of women in Ramadan drama

By: Reham Yahya Embaby

Head of the National Council for Women, Dr. Maya Morsi and Dean of Faculty of Arts, the Media Advisor to the Rector, the Chairperson of the Information Committee of the National Council for Women, and Member of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation announced Prof. Dr. Suzan Qelleny announced that a special committee had been set up to monitor and follow up the image of women in programs ,advertisements And drama, which will be broadcast during Ramadan 2017

She pointed out that the committee's mission is to monitor and prepare the content analysis of the drama of Ramadan, and to issue a semi-monthly report on how to address women's issues and the image of women that were highlighted, whether positive or negative, and the features of this picture.