Rector efforts culminated successfully and appreciated by the Arab and international community# The efforts of Dr. Hussein Essa for the development is not limited to providing the best services in Egypt# The University suggested organizing conferences for the advancement of science# Ain Shams get a 3-star rating in the QS# Global ranking chooses the University a guest of honor in an Arab African scientific conference.

For as long as Ain Shams University is the scientific and research lighthouse at the local, Arab and African level. As its efforts of those who made it, led by Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa ,president of the university is not confined to developing and improving the academic aspects to offer the best services to the student, but that his proposals, study, planned search for a better future for Egypt to provide services at the highest level of all scientific, research and practical aspects of the Arab nation, but for the African continent.

Ain Shams University was unique in respect to the submission of proposals for the organization of conferences that discuss issues concerning local and the Arab and African affairs, where shaken off the dust from the jewels in the world that can serve for the progress of human expertise to the outcome of Egypt and the first Arab and African country.


First Arab Conference of the brain and nerves


Ain Shams University proposed to organize the first Arab Conference on remote Medicine Neurosurgery "Education and Treatment,”. The idea of the conference appreciated by Arab League, which announced their participation in the care of this conference which will bring together those interested in this field in Egypt and the Arab and African countries alike. The conference will be held in the major hall of the Arab League in Cairo during the period from 19-21 January in the next year.

The conference will discuss ways to solve the problems of specialist doctors in brain and nerves in various African countries, and will use the expertise of scientists in various countries around the world, will discuss with scientists and officials in the Arab and African countries of their problems in this field. It also raises the idea of a combination of distance education and telemedicine, will discuss the provision of grants to doctors abroad or recruit doctors for some countries to be greater use and then continue through an electronic network of the various countries of the world. Dr. Tamer Amara Assistant professor of brain and nerves at Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams and Dr. Mohammed Sharif Al-kotb, project Manager at University were commissioned to make all necessary work for the organization of the conference.

The efforts of Prof. Hussein Issa were not limited at this point, as his sleekness to deploy and education of doctors in various Arab and African countries to localize the service in different regions was not the only goal. Where he seeks through the conference to conclude agreements with some countries to follow up the incurable cases of patients remotely, and to provide the necessary treatment in collaboration with the doctors in those countries.

The conference of Egyptian economy Development



42nd Annual International Conference titled “the development of The Egyptian economy on a global scale” was an object that we able to access it. Where Ain Shams University under the supervision of Prof. / Mohamed Al-Toukhy Vice President for Education and Student Affairs , cooperated with the Association of Egyptian scientists in America and Canada for organizing this conference through 27 to 29 December.

Conference carries the development of The Egyptian economy and mechanisms to take advantage of Egyptian scientists who are abroad in developing The Egyptian economy at the Arab and African level, the Conference holds its aspects between projects could be expanded to Arab and African scale to be the optimum utilization of these scientists.

The Economic conference aims to consolidate relevant to those scientists who are abroad in the open field in front of Egypt, the Egyptian and Arab youth alike in cooperation with young people and companies abroad with the support and supervision by these scientists.


Child University program


The role of Ain Shams University has expanded to include the development of children's skills so Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa did not frame his work at conferences only, but led the experience of the most successful experiences in the field of education of the young. University president put with his Vice for graduate studies and research Prof. Ali Abdul Aziz, the possibilities for Dr. Mohammed Sharif Al-kotb, manager of support and develop projects, to support him for the organization of the Child University program, which Al-kotb lead it to make it success.

Dr. Essa had 80 gifted and creative children in all fields of life and different scientific aspects. This responsible and cultured team used science, experience, culture and education in the implementation of the program which is able explore the depths of children and flick Jewels, including making projects for the scientists were able to make a qualitative shifts in various intellectual, cultural, scientific and creative aspects.

Child University program at Ain Shams, which was held during the period from 2 August until 15 of the same month, and was on the programs that have been implemented in the Egyptian universities in terms of successes, results, experiences and information provided to the children.

Therefore, Ain Shams University are the tireless national leadership capable of making impossible of the simplest possibilities.

Ain Shams get a 3-star in QS rating

Ain Shams University in scientific research efforts and the development of assessing the status of university education made it involving within the global ranking of 500 universities of the most important in the world in the classification of QS. Not only that but the university got a three-star of five, according to this classification in teaching and graduate employment in the same Classification, as the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering received the 400 center in the world, and the Arab world. It ranked  the 7 in the classification of QS and the University also got the 13th place in the classification of the Washington Leoz, bringing Ain Shams was chosen to represent the African continent for education in that world organization responsible for the assessment and classification of universities.


EU grants the University 6 of 10 research projects

The European Union was not absent from the leading role played by Ain Shams University, where it got six projects to develop education among ten projects provided by the European Union of the Egyptian universities by a total value of almost six million euros.

This step taken by the European Union represented a tacit admission from the services provided by the university to Egypt and Arab and African society alike. These grants are given to the University of the confidence of the European Union in the six projects to be presented by researchers from the university ,will be a real note of the benefits the scientists and researchers in all around the world.

From this point, Ain Shams University deserved to represent Africa to talk about higher education in all African countries.


THE global rating of universities choose Ain Shams as guest of honor

Ain Shams University reap what it planted, it has been chosen by Times Higher Education rating for World Universities (THE) as a guest of honor of the second summit Conference of the times magazine of higher education to universities in the Middle East and Africa. It is organized by Time magazine in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the UAE, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates University. It will be during the period from 2-4 February, as the president of the university, Dr. Hussein Essa will participate in the launch of these countries and the problems of suffering and it put mechanisms and plans that would push back the difficulties and overcome the obstacles facing the African society.

Ain Shams University proved to be a scientific, cognitive and research edifice, which has a competitive advantage, and the ability of the development at home and abroad making it the focus of attention of the world rankings bodies for universities.