A proposal to provide treatment for diseases of brain and nerves in all governorates of the Republic  # Vision of communication between universities and hospitals in Egypt for the development of science and increase the skill of doctors   # Promises from university officials support the idea of communication between scientists .

The specialization of Neurosurgery is a difficult and complex discipline, which rarely specialists in the level of Egypt and the Arab world and the developing countries in general can work in it, while we find that the specialists in Africa have numbered on the fingers of one hand, note that this specialization does not exist in many African countries.

An accurate specialization associated with lots of diseases that can contribute to change the course of the lives of many patients because of a disability that can get out in case of delayed treatment. Though only specialists in the treatment of this disease are not available in many of the provinces of Egypt, Worse still, states considered from developing countries in Africa where there are no universities or colleges considering this specialty and therefore it is not originally exist.


Dr. Tamer Emara, brain and Neurology Medicine Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University... hopes a long ... thought deeply ... and sought to raise the level of science ... and the dream of providing the best services, study and observation of miserable reality felt that the solution lies in "Tele-medicine”...

The idea began that there is no way to communicate between doctors in the hospitals of the Republic and faculties of medicine in universities. In addition to the lack of a clear system and meet the data and information about the patient's condition, here it considered that the provision of these possibilities would help solve a lot of obstacles and problems.

Dr. Amara said that doctors who specialize in the treatment of this disease is concentrated in Greater Cairo and other governorates in Egypt, pointing out that the patients come for treatment from the governorates of Assiut, Aswan and other remote provinces. He pointed out that the provision of electronic medical circuit and a good Wi-Fi addition to creating a mechanism for communication between doctors and it will save a lot of hardship to patients.

The idea of communication between the hospitals applied in most developed countries. For example, Harvard University continues with 32 hospitals, and works professor in which to help doctors diagnose cases, and a description of treatment, and thus treat patients more quickly and prevent the exposure of some cases to the deterioration of health conditions. We should not forget providing the amounts Finance, which will be spent to navigate, etc., and most importantly, increase the skill of doctors in those areas.

From this standpoint, if Ain Shams University worked to communicate with the 10 hospitals in different provinces in coordination with the Ministry of Health has been the application of this idea (the medical and scientific communication distance), this will create an existing place-alone treatment in every region, especially since the treatment is generally not depends on the information that was received in all the universities, it depends primarily on the practice.

Expansion of proposal Publication

This was the proposal of Dr. Tamer Emara, which continued in-depth research in the idea and felt that it could be expanded to include the Arab-African countries. He explained that in collaboration with the group of Professor Specialists, Addis Ababa University, the largest university in Ethiopia, said that it was very enthusiastic about the cooperation with Ain Shams University.

Dr. Emara said he was supposed to develop neurosurgery specialty in some African countries where there is no such accurate medical specialty through scholarships or some professor travel for the development of this section at universities in those states or something like that, and then create a mechanism to communicate with those who specialize it.

The implementation of this subject needs to sign an agreement between the universities concerned for the application of the system (e.g. agreement between Ain Shams and Addis Ababa).

However, the conclusion of the agreement for the implementation of this project between six or 7 universities will increase the opportunities for engaging the best experts in the world in this area, particularly as scientists in Western countries are always welcome the education of students who are interested in knowledge from other countries, noting that it will be free.


 International organizations, such as the Red cross and other global organizations aspiring to spread such ideas and seeks to contribute to its implementation in many developing countries, hence the urgent need depends on the communication between officials in each country, the real and the desire they have for the advancement of science and health in their countries.

Arab conference

Proposal of Dr. Amara did not stop at research and seek to connect with some specialists in a number of countries and put forward the idea to President of Ain Shams University Prof. Hussein Essa, Prof. Ali Abdul Aziz, Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Research, who welcomed the idea and promised support, but his passion (d. Tamer Building) arrived on the development of the idea and its implementation on a large scale to the orientation of the Arab League proposed to ask the Arab officials probably be able to convince them by the subject, and thus issuing Arab decision to circulate and apply. Hence the decision to hold a medical conference on the subject in January among a group of specialists in the field, but the ambitious Dr. Tamer Emara bigger than that, he felt that specialists recommendations of the conference may not find its way to implementation so I would suggest that this conference will include the presence of heads of universities and officials from the ministries of health in the Arab countries as well as specialists from different countries.

Dr. Tamer Emara was not the only one to adopt the idea of remote medical education, but Dr. Mohammed Sharif Al-qotb, manager of support and projects develop unit at Ain Shams University stands by his side and supported him.

The idea and the status of Egypt

(My dream is to get Egypt to its status as a beacon of science and knowledge, and I am trying to make our country occupy its place among countries in the dissemination of health education), out of this hope was seeking Dr. Al-qotb supported this idea.

(I aspire to offer the Arab League, our Egyptian idea that could identified and effectively implemented in different countries). And (I hope that the establishment of a specialized center affiliated with the University of Ain Shams or center in Egypt in general continue with other countries to give them the necessary experience in the treatment. This idea will make Egypt the state where resorted for treatment) this was the words of Dr. Tamer Emara while he was dreaming of a real communication between countries to implement this proposal.