Dr. Hussein Essa. President of Ain Shams University: Acceptance 30 thousand students in the new academic year

Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa., President of Ain Shams University, emphasized in an interview for «the seventh day – Elyoum El-sabee», the Open Learning went out of his goal and his philosophy, and it is no longer achieve its objectives, even turning to teaching parallel emerges equivalent to regular school diploma, which is wrong, stressing that his philosophy of open learning that we deviated from it.

The President of Ain Shams University in an interview for «the seventh day» added that the university's budget for the new fiscal year amounted to one billion and 300 million pounds, which did not increase much over last year, pointing out that the university asked for more, but the government did not manage only 70% of the required budget while the rest of the university manage its own resources… Here are more details...

What is your impression of the last academic year? What is the main reason behind the disappearance of demonstrations of Brotherhood students and the return of calm to universities again from your point of view?

-         Without a doubt, the last year semester was much better than the previous two years, was a year of stable completed weeks of study and exams has done normally, due to the stable security situation, coupled with the boom in the university through student activities is video sesso unprecedented in the history of the university , cultural, recreational and sports activities, and scientific seminars did not stop, and the stability of the security situation at the university was for 3 reasons, they are the security system, which has been completed, and the presence of police at the gates, and students' awareness and adherence to the right to education.

How many students should be accepted?

-         It's Initially planned to accept 30 thousand students in the new academic year, bringing the total number of students to 200 thousand students, and the number of faculty members up for 15 thousand faculty members, and 30 thousand employees, of which 12 thousand in hospitals, where the university has nine hospitals includes 4 thousand beds, including 800 beds in internal medicine, and 650 beds in surgery, and 800 bed in Ain Shams Specialized Hospital.

The number of students in the university up to 200 thousand, while the faculty members with 15 thousand... How do you see that?

-         The ratio is not satisfactory in its entirety, but wonderful in some faculties, such as agriculture, medicine, nursing, dentistry, and others, but they are bad at faculties with large numbers such as commerce and law.

How much is the university's budget in the current fiscal year? Are the budget has increased from last year?

-         University budget for the new fiscal year is one billion and 300 million pounds has not increased very much, and we asked for more, but the government manage 70%  of the required budget, and the university remaining management of their own resources, and most of these numbers disposal of wages and salaries worth up to one billion pounds per year , and the hospitals may own budget, all of which are also targeted wage and hospitals, and most of the renovations and openings are through donations and grants.

What about the development of the security system at the university in the next year?

-         Security system based on the fundamental constituents, namely cameras, administrative security and security company «Queen», in addition to helping the police in asiatico porno emergencies, which is expected to be present outside the university on the doors, as happened last year and the success of the experiment, but the police would not enter the university only after request in the event that threaten life and property.

What is the main reason that the university did not renew its contract with «Falcon»?

-         This is declared more than once, «Falcon», originally contracted primary with Minister of Higher Education as a commissioner of university presidents for a year, and before June 30 the minister announced that he not signed for «Falcon» again, but each university has freedom of renewal with «Falcon» or not. A committee headed by the Vice President for Environmental and community Affairs, We have formed a committee headed by the Vice President for Environmental and community Affairs, and we compare the pros and cons of the experiment, and supply technical and financial submitted by the two companies, and offered it to the University Council, and then we made a decision to renew the contract with «Queen» company and refused Falcon.


Has the university eliminate the elements of Brotherhood in the university?

-         I've got a student at the university so I do not care about his political affiliation, whether it is for the Muslim Brotherhood or 6 April, or was a communist, but what I am concerned to respect the rules and university traditions, and opposes applied for by law, and the university launched the principle of responsible freedom, and resorted to vandalism, violence and damage to the educational process is applied by law with the utmost force.

Is it the right of any student to raise «fourth badge» at the university?

-         It is not right to student to raise «fourth badge», he lifted up «a fourth badge» means it reflects the group and a political party, which is not allowed in the university.

Concerning the issue of open learning, why it was decided to postpone?

-         The Commission of open education development which was formed of the Supreme Council of Universities has prepared a report about the strongest reports, it has been decided to postpone it so that all the university presidents read the report in detail and discussed at the next meeting.

From your point of view what are the most important problems of the open education?

-         Open Education went out of its goal and its philosophy, and it is no longer achieve its objectives, and turned out to parallel equivalent education to regular school diploma, which is a mistake, and open education has a philosophy known in the whole world but we deviated from it.

How do you respond to those who consider that the open learning is just to « Earn exaggerated money »?

-         I think that description is lousy and unscientific, and may not be saying, open education is not « Earn exaggerated money», and the fact that open education is a part of the self-university resources, this is normal peer service provided, The university without Resume resources «we will not work», Universities in the world are facing a huge threat as a result of shrinking public spending.

What is the number of students to be rehoused in cities? The establishment of hotel building affect the service provided to students?

-         The total of our capacity is 8 thousand students, and the creation of hotel building did not affect the service provided to the students, and we thought of created to provide excellent services for those interested, especially since there are students arrivals they so request, so we allocated a building offers more distinctive service at actual cost without the support, while this is a 5% only from university cities, and the cost of student residence building hotel up to 1500 pounds inclusive nutrition.

What about improving employee salaries Fund?

-         professors over seventy fund was canceled, they established a Fund to improve the employee salary by Law, Regulations have been developed with the participation of workers, that the Ministry of Finance transfer 24 million pounds from professors over seventy Fund to employee Fund.

Is the university studying the issue of analysis of the drug for workers as it did its counterpart Cairo?

-         The idea is still under study, which did not make a decision yet, and conducting an analysis of the drug to the students in cities.

Is the university studying provision of grants for early public secondary school students?

-         We are currently examining the allocation of grants for high school students, and will be announced soon.

What about university status in international rankings?

-         The University was the first public university take a rated «QS» after evaluating for 6 months, and we got the «3 Stars» as the first public university, and we are still in the top 500 world-class university, and we'll go over, and our rank 7th at the level of Arab Universities, and 4 at the level of African Universities.

What are the main openings, which will be witnessed by the university during the coming period?

-         Opening of the new building for open education, and University Press, and Pharaonic Restaurant at an official opening, and the Theater at Faculty of Education, and the second phase of expansions in El-Obour Hospital.

What is the advice for students to the university community of high school graduates?

-         I tell them «You will involve in new stage and new community, I wish to choose your write faculty », but university education is not the end of the world, we need a revolution in higher education, technical and pre-university, and admission policies must be changed as well as the coordination office system.