Qutb: Creativity is not a talent, but will be by learning and simulation# Students did not learn about healthy foods and indiscriminate in their eating# Expectations that a child becoming a global surgeon because of his intensity of focus# A Student turns drawing colorful fish to design of a car in the newest model.

The development of the Egyptian child's skills and raise efficiency even go to university and discover talented and geniuses in the variety, such as health, energy, diversity , environmental humanities , Egyptology and art areas of age... for all that the Academy of Scientific Research adopted a plan starting in August for one year, to be implemented in cooperation with Ain Shams University, one of the prestigious universities in the world and under the supervision of professors and specialists in the above areas to discover talented children, Through divided into age groups beginning of 6 years until 16 years through talent and love of science without any other considerations, and the family can apply for their children through the site of Academy of Scientific Research through the Internet, the university then By testing and divided into groups according to age and reporting their families deadlines session of which are taught in all the above areas without any costs borne by the student, as well as the distribution of the tools used to it – like color and clay pens - and the study for ten days beginning from nine o'clock until three in the afternoon inside the child University of Ain Shams University.



Dr. Mohammed Sharif Qotb, Assistant professor of Materials Science at Faculty of Science at Ain Shams university and Director of Project Units, explains that the idea of the project is based on the advancement of the Egyptian student because it is the most important projects that are not as important as the opening of the new Suez Canal, if invested in optimum way will we achieve in ten years only a new generation of scientists such as Ahmad Zewail and Magdi Yacoub and others, as evidenced by the experiences of Japan, China, Singapore and the countries that have become a pioneer in many areas of the world because of improving the level of education and invest the talents of children, Dr. Qutb said that Egypt does not need to modify the curriculum and educational systems, where there are sufficient numbers of qualified teachers to teach simplified and clear information-style, so if you were upgrading the teacher with a commitment to amend how to broadcast information, and preparation of the necessary courses you will not need to adjust the curriculum .. Modern studies confirm that creativity is not a talent, but will have learning and simulation so the university through its professors teach the above areas with the latest information methods.


Child University activities during the first session

women's Page Experienced a full-day at Child University, recorded the role, initiated by the university administration to teach health through simulation set up buffet includes healthy foods like oats, yogurt, milk, eggs and foods other than health such as potatoes fries, pastrami and luncheon meat and called for students to eat with the result that most of the students did not eat healthy foods, some of them did not recognize oats.

In addition to the style of how eating foods that are random after the completion has been prepared A Report, the result was that they did not get to know their mistakes because the behavior of society, as they were unable to express themselves for fear of criticism and punishment so there were guidance of professors lecture to express their weaknesses by themselves.

The reason for optimism is revealed by the results of the first phase of the students, it was during a lecture art film photography for a quarter of an hour and asked them to draw one from the scene, and was to choose the most beautiful painted picture of a butterfly, and at her side portion of the wing and a width of the technical work of student specialists professors discovered The child Mohammed Mamdouh (9 years) does not have the talent for drawing as his parents believed, but he'll be a surgeon because it is a global talented accuracy in identifying objects and the strength of observation and concentration.

In a lecture Art – drawing  by color pens - was the surprise of the student «Ahmed Abdel Hady» where He converted a color to paint a fish design to be car model and specialists declared that the child's personality show creativity in engineering and architecture.


Civilization comes from love

In the lecture of Egyptology which included by explanation of how the pyramids were build, where almost the largest weighs about 2 million tons of the pyramid, which contains many compartments... the student «Nada» nine years old was preparing a report including that the pyramids were built with love , science and advances in technology, and not forcibly as has been taught in some of the books based on that explain how to move the stones from distant places, and the surprise that she knew ten Pharaonic words.



In a lecture of Egyptology also the student «Abdel Rahman» linking Ahmose mural to his mother and to honoring one's parents and explained that they were revere the mother and father a great degree supported in his report on the interpretation of mural Ahmose, it came the student's desire in the commentary for pupils to confirm that the Egyptian since ancient times sanctifies the family.

This is exquisite experience... and calls for optimism... and show that we are more nations that believe in science... The proof is in this lady comes from Port Said daily during the educational session for the education and to discover the creativity of her two daughters young daughters 9 and 11 years without worrying about laboriously road and travel.

Really it is a model project to benefit from the potential of children and human development where they are in the end of the course students choose ten outstanding students to follow over the study until they reach the university.